ios_iap_RestorePurchases loop


when you call ios_iap_RestorePurchases() does it only trigger the async event if it finds something? otherwise it just does nothing....

so if i asked user to wait while we check for restorable purchases they could be waiting for ever if there none?

I implemented a 10 second alarm alarm timeout, i assume anything that could be restored would have been found withing 10 seconds

Am I right this is really just for subscription or non consumable IAPS like disable ads that users have bought in the past. But if you only have consumable IAPS do you still need a restore button in the app?


Also related to this

When compiling the Xcode code I see this in the warning window

...Game/iOSSource/ 'transactionReceipt' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 7.0



This is my experience as well. If the user has no prior purchases, calling ios_iap_RestorePurchases will not trigger any async event.

I believe Apple requires you to have a restore button regardless of the type of IAPs.