iOS - No account for team and no profiles found, but logged in correctly

I'm getting an error in XCode for an iOS build. Xcode is indicating that there is no account for the team (and to add a new account in the preference pane) and no signing cert found. The account does indeed exist in Xcode and it is signed into. Could there be anything else that GMS needs to send that would allow Xcode to recognize the team? The signing certs also exist on the apple developer portal.

The only thing I can think of is that there are two accounts that Xcode is currently signed into. Of course, this doesn't seem like it would be a concern, but maybe GMS isn't explicitly letting Xcode know what team to use. (?)

Has anyone experienced this before?


Have you exported the game from Game Maker to Xcode?
Have you opened the game project on Xcode?
And what does it show you?
You have to choose the account you want to upload the game to from the signature tab and build your game.
you should working fine.
I run it from Gamemaker, which launches Xcode with the project that Gamemaker made. I don't have "Suppress build and run" selected, so it should launch xcode, compile, and run on the device I've chosen. However, it gives the errors I mentioned above and does not build/run.


after launches Xcode you should go to tab "Signing & Capabilities" and enable automatic manage signing

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In recent versions of Xcode, it automatically creates a Certificates and profile and links it to your Apple Developer account.

before open xcode try open apple developer and remove any Certificates is there So that Xcode can create new certificates