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iOS iOS builds having strange memory issues right at launch.



I have a game that compiles and performs just fine on Android with IAP, three extensions running and on several devices.
The same game when compiled on iOS will immediately have severe memory issues as soon as the build is launched, before it can even arrive at my splash screens.

I am using Xcode 7.3.1. I have "Suppress build and run" checked in iOS>Preferences because various errors will pop up on GM's end and I will have to compile and install through Xcode regardless.

As soon as the installed game is launched on any iOS device, the app is hit with massive memory issues before it can even reach my first room, i.e. still at the "Made by GameMaker" splash screen. On that screen Xcode reports 97% CPU usage there alone (?). On newer devices the debugger throws up constant memory warnings and the rest of the game will lag so badly they are unplayable. Older devices like the iPad2 will just crash ("Lost connection" error in Xcode).

The game otherwise runs perfectly fine on Android devices. I have tried stripping out all IAP and related code, extensions, reduced textures to 256x256, removed all audio from OGG compression, nothing seems to work as far as iOS goes. This is also not a large game by no means either.

I recall this happening with another game I was building that was far, far larger than this one and I solved this issue by using only the iOS YoYo Compiler. But even compiling through iOS YYC doesn't show any improvement in this case, for some reason, aside from the fact that it was working just fine on Android. Is there anything anyone can suggest for this issue?


Have you reported this to YoYo? As I cannot get any game to run on iOS right now. To test it, I made the most simple Hello World game and it crashes right after the splash screen displays.


Have you reported this to YoYo? As I cannot get any game to run on iOS right now. To test it, I made the most simple Hello World game and it crashes right after the splash screen displays.
About to do so, at this point I've tried just about everything. :\

For what it's worth, I see a couple odd things in the Xcode debugger.
The error "failed to make complete framebuffer" happens right at the beginning.
2016-09-19 14:33:12.376 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] com.mycompany.MyGame
2016-09-19 14:33:12.674 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Screen size is 1024.000000,768.000000
2016-09-19 14:33:12.778 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] * * * * * * Register audio Interruption callback * * * *
2016-09-19 14:33:12.884 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Failed to make complete framebuffer object 8219

It then continually calls for a "Texture #3" before eventually crashing:
2016-09-19 14:33:25.884 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] **********************************.
2016-09-19 14:33:25.884 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Entering main loop.
2016-09-19 14:33:25.885 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] **********************************.
2016-09-19 14:33:34.211 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Audio group 1 -> Loaded
2016-09-19 14:33:34.212 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Audio group 2 -> Loaded
2016-09-19 14:33:34.263 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #1 16,16
2016-09-19 14:33:34.263 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #2 16,16
2016-09-19 14:33:34.266 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:34.359 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:34.370 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:34.466 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Received memory warning.
2016-09-19 14:33:36.121 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:38.762 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #1 16,16
2016-09-19 14:33:38.763 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #2 16,16
2016-09-19 14:33:38.779 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:38.791 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:38.803 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:39.364 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:39.389 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:39.900 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:40.263 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:40.513 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:41.034 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Texture #3 256,256
2016-09-19 14:33:41.585 MyGameiOS[6085:669931] Received memory warning.
[game crashes]


I had the same issue with my game , XCode log showing each frame the "Receive memory warning" thing . Never found out what it was and I search the web for it but got bored real quick :p

Just an example : https://forums.coronalabs.com/topic/40079-received-memory-warning-question/

I also tried to remove all extensions and stuff back then , audio etc ...

The only thing that worked was compiling with YYC : no more performance issues or crashes although I still had the "Receive memory warning" thing .

( At the moment nothing works for me on Android or iOS since the last GMS update and I'm currently updating everything + trying all sort of update combination it's such a nightmare )


did you find a solution for this problem or got a helpful answer from YOYO Games?

Have the same problem.