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iOS iOS Audio Bug? Take a phone call, no more Sounds.



Currently I have the issue where on iOS if I take a phone call while playing the game, the audio will no longer play afterward. I know the documentation says music needs to be resumed once the game un-pauses, which makes sense. However, for me it seems subsequent sound effects will not play at all until the game is restarted.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have you solved it? Grab a friend and give it a test; i would love to hear what happens!


What iOS version?
What GMS version?

I had something like his happen recently where the log was showing a zillion messages about audio something and I no longer had sound, but I wasn't able to reproduce it.


GMS 1.4.1760 and it seems to happen on iOS9 and iOS10. It happens every time a phone call is taken, and you return to the game.