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This is fine. I didn't watch the video tutorial all the way through, but I watched enough to see that your code is organized and clearly commented. And I skipped around a bit to see the approach you take for inventory control. It's a traditional approach using arrays, and should be accessible to novice and intermediate programmers.

Just curious why you wrote your explanation during the video, instead of speaking. Not that the music was bad... but some verbal explanation as you introduce each concept would be more helpful. But perhaps you aren't comfortable speaking, so that's fine.

Lastly, it would be even better to provide a .gmz source file for download. Then beginners could more easily follow along as you explain the concepts. But that's up to you.


It's nice that you liked the tutorial, and i want to say about speaking in the video, i'm not very comfortable speaking English because it's not my main language but anyway in future videos i will try to speak.

Also i want to know if my tutorials are good enough or i'm just wasting my time making it, so to everyone who have seen the video please give me feedback about this video please :D

And thank's

Shariku Onikage

This has helped me immensely. Thank you very much.

I'm also in full favour of silent tutorials. Not only can I watch them at work in spare moments, but they end up being a lot clearer since everything gets written down, opposed to something important being said very quickly and getting missed out.


Great video!

What am I doing wrong here?

DoAdd :: Execution Error
at gml_Script_inv_show (line 3) - draw_text(10,13*j, item[inv[j,0],NAME] +" x "+string(inv[j,1]));
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Hi, try to change item[inv[j,0],NAME] to string(item[inv[j,0],NAME])
This problem is probably because you are using Game Maker 8 i think


Personally I found this very helpful. I actually like the written guide rather than spoken. Means you can pause if you need to and still see the advice.

Green Human

Solved my trouble with inventories! And I like your videos with the comments on the screen. It helps watching it step by step. Thanks bud!

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