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GML Introduction To Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2


GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2.2
Target Platform: Windows
Download: https://learngamemakerstudio.com/
edit: Updated Site

Here is an extract of a new book of mine.

Sample Tutorial:
The sample below covers the process of making a simple click the object game, and shows the overall quality of the book.

The extract includes the book's front matter, the tutorial for making the click game, and part of appendix which has 24 sections in total and covers commonly used GML.

The PDF tutorial above has 80 pages, from the book's impressive 400+ pages.
Sample tutorial is now part of the main book - available for download for free in ZIP with PDF, project files and resources:https://learngamemakerstudio.com/

For info on this book, see my signature.
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Your ad says instant download for the 5 books for $14.99. I made the purchase and I was shown a order confirmation but no link to download the books. How do I do this?

Please Ignore this post. I eventually received an email with the download links. Thank you very much.
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Looks very interesting for people starting with GMS2.
However, I don't understand why your banner on the forum says: "FREE ebooks" whereas the ebooks on your website are $5.