This is a reintroduction and it is a pleasure I'm sure.

I'm a project manager, architect and designer, city planner and developer, and medical specialist, who also specializes in self-awareness and relationship management.

I'm especially skilled at property and risk management and communications. I'm also an information broker, and I've studied many different empirical topics.
Username: Little_Amethyst

Name: Brooke
Age: 24
Where you're from: United States
How long you've been using Game Maker: A little over a year now.
Any cool games you've made: I'm currently developing my first game (check my handles below).

Other things about yourself: Nothing out of the ordinary except that I plan to begin homesteading in a few years.



I am a middle-aged GM:S 1.4 user from the USA. I started using GameMaker: Studio years ago, around the end of 2014. Since I was just getting started with game development, I liked how approachable GameMaker's tutorials made the learning process.

My favorite type of video game is the turn-based RPG, so I have spent most of my development time working on RPGs. I have been warned about how difficult RPGs are to make, but since I didn't have much desire to make any other type of video game, I worked on RPGs anyway. Nowadays, I do feel OK about working on other types of games.

My favorite aspects of game development are gameplay design and music composition.


Username: nicognito
Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:

Age: the answer to life, the universe and everything (if you don't know, you can google it 😅)
Where you're from: France, but I moved to the US in 2006
How long you've been using Game Maker: I got my GM license back in 2017, had a cool crazy project idea, but then didn't do anything and moved on 😅 Now it's 2021, I'm motivated to work on my game idea.
Any cool games you've made: I'm still working on it 👨‍💻 Ah I made a Tetris and Snake game running on a JavaScript virtual machine (which my team developed in a previous company) running on old J2ME phones, i.e. old Nokia phones.

Other things about yourself: I'm a software development engineer by day, and it's always been my dream to make a video game. If I ever manage to release my project one day, I hope this will inspire and have an impact on people.


Hello All,

Im fresh to this. 5 months now in trying my hand at 2D platformer coding. Unreal engine for me just to insert your own sprites was a headache it seemed and i got no where fast smh. Unity was OK for a while until coding simple script basic movements got annoying. I Got my character to run, jump and attack (even enemies moving) but Just to get my character to crouch was like a science project to pull off so i left that alone to try a different path. So here i am now at Game maker studio 2. Originally i was going to get it anyway before the other tools (since i heard it was best for 2D projects) but the price tag turned me away so i went to Unity Free for a good 3 months. Then some things fueled me to Return and to get the full license of GMS2 for the Windows UWP. I got tired of holding money anyway for a PS5 ill never get it seems plus Unity was becoming a drag just to code on it so here i am. The goal in the end is having my first game either on steam or xbox one. Its an investment

I have a ton of ideas. i draw. i sprite a bit. got more familiar with coding but i think i can really pull off something great if i can just get the wheels going in the right direction with this engine. So with that said can anyone point me in a solid right direction of docs and tutorials on Basic 2D platformer building? You know for full dynamic movement? run, jump, crouch, attack etc? So far i got my sprite to move horizontal and jump and thats it. I started last night. it seems easier to script this stuff on GMS2 than it is Unity but importing your own PNG sprites on GMS2 seems a bit off at times. on and off distortion

Anyway thats my rough introduction. ill be around the forum trying to learn the engine
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HI! I haven't been in the forums since the forums were migrated from the old site. I'm a database person, but been doing side projects since I was a teen in GMS. Fun stuff.