This is a reintroduction and it is a pleasure I'm sure.

I'm a project manager, architect and designer, city planner and developer, and medical specialist, who also specializes in self-awareness and relationship management.

I'm especially skilled at property and risk management and communications. I'm also an information broker, and I've studied many different empirical topics.
Username: Little_Amethyst

Name: Brooke
Age: 24
Where you're from: United States
How long you've been using Game Maker: A little over a year now.
Any cool games you've made: I'm currently developing my first game (check my handles below).

Other things about yourself: Nothing out of the ordinary except that I plan to begin homesteading in a few years.



I am a middle-aged GM:S 1.4 user from the USA. I started using GameMaker: Studio years ago, around the end of 2014. Since I was just getting started with game development, I liked how approachable GameMaker's tutorials made the learning process.

My favorite type of video game is the turn-based RPG, so I have spent most of my development time working on RPGs. I have been warned about how difficult RPGs are to make, but since I didn't have much desire to make any other type of video game, I worked on RPGs anyway. Nowadays, I do feel OK about working on other types of games.

My favorite aspects of game development are gameplay design and music composition.


Username: nicognito
Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:

Age: the answer to life, the universe and everything (if you don't know, you can google it 😅)
Where you're from: France, but I moved to the US in 2006
How long you've been using Game Maker: I got my GM license back in 2017, had a cool crazy project idea, but then didn't do anything and moved on 😅 Now it's 2021, I'm motivated to work on my game idea.
Any cool games you've made: I'm still working on it 👨‍💻 Ah I made a Tetris and Snake game running on a JavaScript virtual machine (which my team developed in a previous company) running on old J2ME phones, i.e. old Nokia phones.

Other things about yourself: I'm a software development engineer by day, and it's always been my dream to make a video game. If I ever manage to release my project one day, I hope this will inspire and have an impact on people.


Hello All,

Im fresh to this. 5 months now in trying my hand at 2D platformer coding. Unreal engine for me just to insert your own sprites was a headache it seemed and i got no where fast smh. Unity was OK for a while until coding simple script basic movements got annoying. I Got my character to run, jump and attack (even enemies moving) but Just to get my character to crouch was like a science project to pull off so i left that alone to try a different path. So here i am now at Game maker studio 2. Originally i was going to get it anyway before the other tools (since i heard it was best for 2D projects) but the price tag turned me away so i went to Unity Free for a good 3 months. Then some things fueled me to Return and to get the full license of GMS2 for the Windows UWP. I got tired of holding money anyway for a PS5 ill never get it seems plus Unity was becoming a drag just to code on it so here i am. The goal in the end is having my first game either on steam or xbox one. Its an investment

I have a ton of ideas. i draw. i sprite a bit. got more familiar with coding but i think i can really pull off something great if i can just get the wheels going in the right direction with this engine. So with that said can anyone point me in a solid right direction of docs and tutorials on Basic 2D platformer building? You know for full dynamic movement? run, jump, crouch, attack etc? So far i got my sprite to move horizontal and jump and thats it. I started last night. it seems easier to script this stuff on GMS2 than it is Unity but importing your own PNG sprites on GMS2 seems a bit off at times. on and off distortion

Anyway thats my rough introduction. ill be around the forum trying to learn the engine
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HI! I haven't been in the forums since the forums were migrated from the old site. I'm a database person, but been doing side projects since I was a teen in GMS. Fun stuff.


Introduce yourself to the rest of the community! If you're not sure what to say, here's a guide (use as much of it as you choose)

Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:
Where you're from:
How long you've been using Game Maker:
Any cool games you've made:
Other things about yourself:
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Username: Ohms or lllOHMSlll

Name: ask me personally.
Where you're from: Texas
How long you've been using Game Maker: a week.
Any cool games you've made: ive just been making the littletown game from the tutorial

Other things about yourself: 10 years military experience working as an electrician.


Hi folks, great to be here & meet you all :) I figured it's about time i signup to these forums after sinking my teeth back into it this year.

Name: Joe
Age: 28
Where you're from: UK
How long you've been using Game Maker: On and off since the olden days of 5.1 (2004ish?)
Any cool games you've made: I think most of them are lost behind a username i've long forgotten on the old GMG forums! I'm currently working on a mobile game in my down time called Brixa: Block Push

Other things about yourself: Game maker actually created the foundation for my portfolio & career to break full time into the games industry as a game designer about 10 years ago (Yay Game Maker! <3)


Username: AnthonyRose

Name: I'd preffer to be asked personally instead (no my username does NOT contain my name).
Age: 20
How long you've been using Game Maker: I started using it all the way back when GMS1 was made free but didn't use it for long and forgot about it, I started to use it again last year soon after the bad virus stuff happened and been learning how to actually use it and all of that since then.
Any cool games you've made: Only one which currently is in beta and it's called Moldermind

Other things about yourself: As a solo developer I learned how to do simple and small pixel art, chiptunes and retro sound effects. When I decided to start with game development I saw game maker (GMS1) as the better option for me, especially because when I obtained it, it was free at the time.


Username: HeadlessOne
Other usernames from past and present: Hamsterhill

Name: Hamish
Age: 31
Where you're from: New Zealand
How long you've been using Game Maker: on and off since highschool so... 16 years
Any cool games you've made: Willys magical adventure on android

Other things about yourself: I've always loved creating simple little games for me and my friends to play, had abit of a gap but i've paticipated in afew game jams over the last year or 2 and really enjoyed it so now that i have abit more free time I'm looking to get back into it.


Username: JayArnold

Name: Josh Arnold
Age: 25
Where you're from: Houston, Texas
How long you've been using Game Maker: 12 YEARS
Any cool games you've made:
Ive made a few games in the past but all were removed when the old website went down unfortunately i had no copies :(
but Ive been working on a game for 4 years called
Crystal Quest. It will be available on phones later this year, currently only WINDOWS.

Other things about yourself:
My main thing is Music Production, I work with hundreds of rappers around the US and make beats and record their music. My credits list include: Trey Songz, E-40, Snootie Wild, 1020Meezy, Atari Jones, and more!

Follow me on
INSTAGRAM to keep up with everything game and music related I do!
Username: TravisELord I guess
Old GMC Username: It’s been so long I don’t remember
Other usernames from past and present: Other places I’ve gone by Boxxy108 or Bloody more recently
Name: Travis
Age: 29
Where you're from: Originally New Hampshire, now in New Mexico
How long you've been using Game Maker: I used both version 5 and 8 back in my teens but have not exactly kept up with everything til recently
Any cool games you've made: I only ever finished one called Super Mario LOL and looking back it probably wasn’t that good. Don’t have the file anymore and it’s probably lost to many many years ago, shame cuz I’d like to look back on it
Other things about yourself:
I’m both an autist and an artist, been gaming since I was 3-4, work at some solar panel company now but would love to try to make at least some living off one of my passions. Some inspirations in particular have been Yoko Taro, Suda51, Swery, but especially Toby Fox, but then there are others like Calliope Mori that might not be doing the same thing but who still seem to work hard at what they do. Have been trying to learn some music but haven’t got very far.​

ELV Games

Username: ElvGames
Old GMC Username: noone
Other usernames from past and present: don't have any, ElvGames since ever!

Name: ElvGames?:cool:
Where you're from: Germany
How long you've been using Game Maker: About 2 years
Any cool games you've made: Hellcraze, Alphadeck and Warlight Bravesone(on development atm)
Personality type: I'm a chill guy

Other things about yourself: I love pixel art, been making pixel art for quite a while now, learned it mostly to use for myself and currently doing it.

Follow me on Twitter if you want to keep updated of what I'm doing!


Username: FuzzyDev
Old GMC Username: nope, started on gms2!
Other usernames from past and present: nothing, started now as FuzzyDev

Name: FuzzyDev
Where you're from: Brazil
How long you've been using Game Maker: 2-3 years
Any cool games you've made: I've made only prototypes and played around with gms2, started to make my own game Fuzzy Adventures now!
Personality type: a bit crazy but nice!

Other things about yourself: I've been making pixel art and games on my spare time, going to focus on my game Fuzzy Adventures now!