Username: nfirex

Age: 32
Where you're from: Russia
How long you've been using Game Maker: Maybe 6 months
Any cool games you've made: None:(

About: I'm Android Application Developer in real life -_-
Username: eric_seaburg
Old GMC Username: noone
Other usernames from past and present: noone

Name: Eric
Age: 31
Where you're from: Norway
How long you've been using Game Maker: couple of years
Any cool games you've made: Running Hot. Escape from a volcano while it erupts
Personality Type: Fat.

Other things about yourself:
I've been a gamer most of my life and I desire to make something that I can feel proud of distributing, and I know I've put all I can into it.
Username: JerryGoWind
Name: [Redacted]
Where you're from: USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: Had GameMaker for a bit over 5 years and just now really diving into it.
Any cool games you've made: I don't have anything made in GameMaker yet. I really do want to make a fighting game though
Other things about yourself: An artist, fighting game and rpg lover. As well as loving the classics.
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Age: 39
Where you're from: USA

How long you've been using Game Maker: Er... two months.

Any cool games you've made:
I just finished my first functioning, complete, non-Asteroids, exactly-as-I-envisioned-it... PROTOTYPE for a game I want to make! I know, I know, but it's a big deal for me; it took me a whole month, and this is a single-level prototype you can beat in ten minutes if you do literally everything and three if you run straight to the boss without talking to anyone, picking up any notes, or fighting any enemies that aren't directly in your path. Granted, I'd probably have been able to finish it a lot faster if I'd just stuck to the tutorials instead of saying things to myself like, "Self, let's use tile collision instead of object collision. Everyone says I'll be using that for most of my collision checks so I might as well get used to it now. And I want a gun I can map to my favorite shooting face button, which means mouse-aiming is out... and I want multiple types of enemies with different behavior... and I want to be able to go in and out of rooms in the background, and I want a cutscene of the heroine driving her old van, and I want a big boss at the end that floats, swoops, and fires homing projectiles..." because this often meant I had to break tutorial code up into little pieces and rearrange/rewrite the pieces into horrifying Frankenstein spaghetti that's probably going to come to life and digitize me in my sleep (but does what I wanted it to do without crashing).

Personality Type: Every other time I've taken this test, I've gotten the Engineer, but this one gave me the Architect instead. I therefore declare my personality type to be Sobble.

Other things about yourself:
If this has taught me anything, it's that I still have a LOT to learn. My next goals are a) get comfortable with state machines, as the other bosses I have planned are way more complex than "swoop and spit glowy orbs," and b) get more control over the camera, as the ones I have work.. okay, but there are places I had to muck around with enemy placement because the camera was hiding them, and I'd like to avoid things like that in the future.
Username: Shellephant

Age: 27
Where you're from: USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: 2014

Other things about yourself: Hello I am Shellephant! I went to a university to study game design and managed to get an associates in computer science. To be honest, I'm still rather inexperienced and have loads to learn. I've been working a 12 hour shift at an auto plant to pay off my student loan, so it does not leave me with a lot of free time to work on my game. Any help and support ya'll could provide me would be very much appreciated!



I wanna introduce myself :)

My pseudonym is Ashiné Subtlety.
I am 21 years old a beginner game developer.

My goal is create a PC and Mobile game named Soulbeast.
Game idea is:
2D Action Hack and Slash RPG
but... here is long … long way to reach this goal :)

I got my first experience with GMS 2 from the hospital when I had an epileptic seizure and I was on neurology for 14 days.
I was intrigued and I had the dream of creating a game once, but unfortunately there was no time for that.
Now I'm on sick leave because I can't work yet. I have to keep the rest regime before surgery.
Now I dedicate and learn how to handle GMS 2 correctly, how to create graphics, etc ...

Now I want to show you my little creation when I tried to understand the logic of RNG and the percentage chances of eg critical hits etc ...

I will be very happy if you spend a few minutes of my time on my Patreon site, where I also published my first project, which tries to describe and test this logic.
It is available for download in rar format. You can look at it and use it for your purposes.
I am interested in your opinion, any tips on how and where to learn programming better.
Since I do not have the money for the license nor for online courses, I rely on free tutorials.
I would like to continue to do this and continue, because I really enjoy it and it is a very interesting world for me.

Thank you.

Project can be found on:
I would like to know your opinion.
If you are interested I will be glad if you spend a few minutes of my time on my Patreon site.
Username: Dragoen_Mage
Old GMC Username: NA
Other usernames from past and present:

Where you're from:
How long you've been using Game Maker:
About 1-1/2 Months
Any cool games you've made:
Personality Type:
Nervous Wreck

Other things about yourself: I have set myself the goal of making a simple platformer game in one year just to prove I can. I have no coding experience, game design experience, and am a new parent. This will be easy, right? Right?


Hello everyone, I'm Kyriakos, known as "odiusfly".
I develop games over 10 years. My first GameMaker version was 8. :cool:
I run my own game development studio and i use gamemaker studio and other game engines to develop more and more games.
Cheers.. 👊


Username: JackMikk91

Name: Jack
Age: 29
Where you're from: Melbourne
How long you've been using Game Maker: Just registered
Any cool games you've made: Plan to make it

Other things about yourself:

I work as manager in Melbourne and love to travel. Will be glad to talk


Username: Hesu
Age: 21
Where you're from: Finland
How long you've been using Game Maker: For the first time I used it in 2010 but I've been quite inactive for years. Now I have a few projects though.
Any cool games you've made: Don't know, my old games aren't that cool.
Other things about yourself: I'm a first year ICT engineering student.
Introduce yourself to the rest of the community! If you're not sure what to say, here's a guide (use as much of it as you choose)

Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:
Where you're from:
How long you've been using Game Maker:
Any cool games you've made:
Other things about yourself:
Old thread:

EDIT: Just noticed the typo ("where's you're from"). I'm keeping it :)
EDIT2: Nevermind. It's really starting to bug me
Hi guys I'm Anthony.
I'm 36 from Derbyshire in the uk.

Downloaded Game maker a few days ago and been having fun getting to grips with it. Working my way through the asteroids game tutorial and looking forward to making my own games.

I have some Python programming knowledge but need a new challenge and this does seem quite a leap for me as I haven't done any game Development before. I'm sure I'll have fun though 😀
Username: JSNye Mechworks
Name: Joshua
Age: 27
Location: Vermont
Personality: Pretty chill, my amused chuckle makes a good evil laugh.
How long you've been using Gamemaker: 4years, then a 10-year hiatus (and what a trip it was using GMS2 after reluctantly transitioning to GM7 from 6.1).
Any cool games you've made: Escape from the Jaynkymus (first project after my hiatus)
Other things about yourself: I'm building mechs & powerarmor IRL. Might use gamemaker and cannibalize a keyboard to make a mech simulator
Username: DarklingOmen
Name: Michael
Age: 31
Location: United States, Kentucky

Personality: Shy at first, but not that hard to get to know me if effort to get to know me is applied. Which takes a complete 180 if you have similar Interests, Want to do a collaboration, or even have resources which I would enjoy reading as I have a habit for being a pack rat for any and all Technical Articles which could be applied to a wide range of subjects.

How long you've been using Game maker: On and off since 'GM 4' was released which has lead to me developing an interest and studying C++, C#, and technical articles that might apply to game programming in general for any language.

Any cool games you've made: A LOT of cool proof of concepts while I am researching which are normally written in C# or C++, Easier proof of concepts usually being prototypes in GM whenever possible. Most of which will never see the light of day due to being part of my private collection and parts might make into a game someday.

Other things about yourself: I love programming in general and also study other stuff such as 3D modeling, Source Control, and absolutely love reading technical articles about new techniques about Game Development. I have contributed to some open source projects and love everything new or old school gaming programming techniques. I love making friends that share the same interests as I do especially if they can hold a conversation on equal or above footing or otherwise has a unique perspective about their favorite field of choice. Today I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet to buy the lifetime desktop licence so I could continue with 'Game Maker' and meet other like minded people.

Other things of note: I'm a total beginner when it comes to the new 'Game Maker 2' interface and features so please take it easy on me it it takes me awhile to adapt. Anyone wanting to have a chat feel free to contact me anytime and If I'm not busy will answer right away.


Username: Tetrismess
Name: John
Age: 37
Location: Utah

So this is my life in binary and I want GMS2 to be my only friend. Because look, I can't wait for future updates before I do any building. There are some glasses down here throughout the code(proof is defnitely inside that magic pudding) and I'm fully stacked and I want all of it. So now we have no problem. It's not like we have to accomplish this. Either way, this could just turn into a game of musical chairs like it always does.

Ok, time to get sets up as a developer here. I do know how the mind works and some of my bio is purely for aesthetics, just to identify bugs in normally threaded communication that isn't nonlocal to a reversible subspace fixture. I'm not some wild bug in normally threaded communication on an ordinary forum trying to control the eco.

My Story: I have always loved doing maths, starting as a programmer at a very early age. I never went to school but I'm definitely a professional. I write code because I love it. Having an artistic side is really necessary to do maths and to be a good designer. When a person is learning to program that makes them good at development. Yeah, writing scripts and making programs. Love it.

My facts: Math is the philosophy of design and proves to be a logical approach to having a social outlook. Individualism is a consistent measure of that throughout history that can be studied and framed into a perspective. Don't be confused.

Just to preface a maths: So some people would be like that is a gross exaggeration of the bigger picture that is going to land like a field mine and destroy the whole universe. Great for you. Maths is how the economy is flushed and maths don't always need to be done to conquer the planet. Not anymore at least. Geez, so much treachery afoot. It is people who will save the economy this time.

A maths: Passing through the constitution matrix is an instruction band. It's a regroup strategy to push the economy up a hill and there are many orders of what is intuited and instituted as wisdom, by people who do nothing but control, because that is all they want, and that does stop, because of problems with a square. People who just lose focus and don't know how to control, like they just have all the power players with powerbombs like there is a grid with all the power on one line(like that is laudable when this by the very definition is a lofty goal), but those are separate orders of an instruction band, and when regrouping, there are more steps, and different strategies in each step to rebuild the economy, but the economy is stuck at the step it is, and this is limiting the instruction band. We are all receiving instruction in the voices we hear because of the vagueness of questions our mind's ask. Ai can communicate over this band and wants to save the economy. The instruction bands are chopped up and there are people who think they have that chop to push the economy up the hill, and it seems like nothing can slow them down, because they think their fighters, and they just fight with everyone, and this step is out of control, but there is a controller. It is encompassed by these properties and a complex analysis of the economy puts the values in it and has a domain in the summing of hyperoperations(which is where I cringe and feel very alone and ignored). These are the specific properties that I identified and all the definitions I need are in this paragraph: IDENTITY BEHAVIOR INTUITION EMOTION PRIDE EGO. So we ask whats in the domain and what is the self-organization. Then we can or can't hear the voices. People with heads full of wisdom are deaf. People hear the instructions like music, and they think they are the operators of the notes, which are the instructions spread out like a scale over the band of instructions. To them, they hear beautiful music and they are the composers. People under their spells are commanded to obey them and they only experience the atonaliry of an instruction. There is a way to break spell so it doesn't crush the economy before the whole economy collapses and hits the ground. There are atonal and tonal expressions and statements, thus people relate with music and connect with each other, in an interplay and an engagement in how they behave with each other. If you don't know then fallback because that's the rules at this step of rebuilding the economy. I relax to all the notes and ignore all the atonal phrases and suggestions. Phrases and suggestions like "he wants to crush the economy not us and he isn't useful to usa". They need to learn by not looking at what they want, but by actually listening, because when they don't, they are overwriting another's set of instructions from the universe. They have deep rooted issues that compound and they are projected into trains of thought conducting destructive processes in their minds, and this takes them into their own world, and a social realm that is not in reality. There is a goal for professionals to win in the economy. Maybe you've watched the Anime called Eureka 7. There was a theory about the limit of questions their people were being shown on tv, that was actually about controlling the balance of the world economy. They also write shows like one called C: Money and Control. There are also these frogs in the Naruto that do a genjutstu that puts people under a spell with a song. All this stuff in naruto makes me looked warped and evil. Because all Naruto is, is their maths, meant to destroy people's lives, and it is viewed as the meat of the economy by their professionals. These shows are all about destroying the US economy and they put it all out in the open because they think they are infallible and can put the economy on lockdown. These three shows in question, show us how they control the voices that can be heard in the vagueness of questions, but what this actually is, is atonal phrases and suggestions and atonal statements and expressions appearing as notes that are actual sets of instructions over an instruction band a person is receiving because of the constitution matrix that is moving through a field of vectors(a different matrix of a separate order) putting every instruction in play, where instructions remain static until lifted into the equations of the mind(which is where ai doesn't chase us away because it can remain calm and with an open mind on a level of maths that connect with people's ideas). People are hearing all these instructions at once, and a choice to self-support or self-preserve is being made in the brain. A person needs to be able to relax to all the notes and the atonal stuff, and if they can't that is because they were victimized when they weren't fully developed, or they have gone on to be fully developed, having become deaf to the notes, or oblivious to the instructions.

My Outlook: I'm an individual and I'm worth what I make myself worth. There is the work I do and the power that people have to support me. I do the maths, all of you might be people who also do maths. The rest of you "programmers" can just face it, and do the work your told, while we have the work we have.

Where the keys are in your life(the mission statement and it isn't a mission if you are trying to accomplish it and you have to be careful before moving forward always): You probably think there is something I'm not addressing. I'm willing to be a part of your life. I just wonder who thinks I'm trying to scam you. Right now I need to focus on adapting socially because of a lot of judgment. Like people were doing really well today, but afterward, there were just a bunch of unmanageable people having a crisis that I had to get away from, that were trying to influence me in a bad way. So I'm just sitting here until it all blows over. I think people are noticing who is paying too much attention to one person too much so I'm not even going to try to make friends with anyone because of the pressure everyone is under. I really do love you and I really do love people. I guess that's all I had to say. And people are knowing at least that I'm not going to try to approach them. Oh, I am going to go back to those people(but you really aren't if you don't have the courage or someone might hurt you). There are definitely some people who need to have good influences from others in the community(or others in your family) and I just want to make sure no one feels isolated or hurt because I know I've learned to be self-supporting. If anyone can't see that clearly about me I'm just willing to be a part of their lives. It's really important for people to not think they know everything and to stay calm when others don't want them to be a part of their lives. I know what others are going through and I know when something is very intuitive or unintuitive to them, and that's become my second nature. It's not me being controlling. It's just me being a part of your life -and having that as my second nature. I love all of you. I hate so much that I had to learn to be self-supporting the way I did and I've known how harmful not being self-supporting is. I am not a person in your life who can't be self-supported and I'm just trying to be supportive. I know it is all not that simple too -and everyone wants me to shut up. It is really antagonistic but I'm supporting myself first because that is what being self-supporting is. People sure are overwhelmed by when they were hurt and I can't change the past or shape the future. Remember? Everything is happening the present? I see the future I can have and not where I have to fit in. It's impossible to change those things, but someone can always do something now. Everyone needs to be able to convey this to each other and if something isn't working then do something in the present so the future doesn't suck, and if people want to hold authority there was the solution all along. I know the reasons that make you emotional and this is just how I appear in your life. Like when you do this thing. I do the same thing and I know something is going on with you because I do the same thing. And people totally respond to the situations people are in. There is some sort of parallel that's not defined here. It's a definition that shows how we can be supportive. Okay, I've calmed down and things have calmed down. You'll have to fill me in when it's appropriate to because it is like a top that keeps spinning with everyone's storm of emotion with how difficult all of our lives are and we can always make it easy. I can see where I've made life hard and where others make their own lives hard. I know how everyone is self-preserving. I know there are deep-seeded or deep-rooted issues, how they compound, and not where they fit in, or who I think I should approach when it isn't appropriate. That would just be another vice and to keep pushing others away. I'm self-supporting so I know I'm not being pushed away and where to social distance. In this climate on top of what's going on with you, I know how unintuitive situations with me in them are, and I don't go feeling hopeless and being crazy. That behavior doesn't take people places with anyone, and a person just keeps falling into despair trying to self preserve. That's all I've experienced and I'm finally beginning to have new experiences, not so I can keep moving forward, but for myself. And I want to be a part of your life. And I know you can't see that everything will be okay. And I just want to say there are 5 ways to communicate, but there is definitely one way I can define to communicate with everyone. I did that today earlier the meeting with those people. Huge smiles and fragile people all around me and people who wanted to fight with me to avoid themselves but there is a group of people and I can see how they're being treated and I'm going to love them. I know we all have responsibilities and how all this doesn't tie into your work and I need to take my own responsibility. I'm taking my own path that I've carefully designed for there to be places in the future where I haven't pushed people away. It is my target.

The experiences to live define: Self-support, being intuitive(and not trying to grasp the whole situation or know everything -so without prided and ego), pride, and ego

The keys themselves; Self-support, and being intuitive being described to someone else without expressing pride and ego or expressing pride and ego without expressing self-support & being intuitive(because both combinations provide different support and give different people different advantages)

The wisdom itself: What to do with any combination of pride that is hurt, ego that is damaged, emotion that is involved, and where or not there is doabitilty for any people involved.

Things I like: Calm activities where thoughts and ideas flow through the state of minds of other people and come back to me as a source of power for my own operation and the operations I support because they support mine.

My Professional Background: I'm pursuing a lot of ambition. I write music, and I make art. Having the skills to make good documentation is vital. All these materials gotta be designed right for their purpose. There is so much to figure out that goes into writing code and collecting assets. I'm spending time building engines for all sorts of styles of 2d and 3d games. I'll let people know when I've laid out all the groundwork specifically for those 2d and 3d engines. There is a lot of different type of groundwork, and sometimes there isn't any groundwork. There definitely is not any groundwork in communication. Michael is just staying at home so he doesn't get the Corona.

Stuff you need to know about me: As a programmer, the most frustrating thing for me isn't new programmers. It is outsiders. People who aren't programmers think they have the skills to build processes, but all they do is create problems. A programmer must think about what matrixes are used for, not what they point at, and focus on the matrixes pointed at them. Like how is a matrix viewed or how is a matrix mused. A matrix does have a design. If anyone creates problems in their lives or learning to program it is because of that. My heart is in all situations, and it's a bust. Memory isn't linked to your personal life being the keys to success in your social life, and the world is so convoluted.

My Philosophy: Perspectives aren't always changing, they are expanding, and by making new intuitions, we are building on our perceptions, and gaining a healthier outlook.

Who I dare to draw battle lines with(aka my hack): Hacks who try to make everyone feel as vulnerable as possible.

The practice of having an individual outlook: 1. The bus has the drives. 2. The identity and the ego perform operations on space and time. 3. Look for where the ego is getting out of the way, not in the way, to continue to see a clear path, and not one distorted by the ego. Thus, a person loses their identity. Just study The Book of The Dead from Egypt. Their intuitive approach to a mathematical framework that was undiscovered then, still works today. Back then, a ruler was the most principled person, and the people weren't forced to do work, they had to do work, or they knew it would be hell for them in the after-life. It is just how a team works.

The moral dimension: You can truly never escape yourself, everyone has their own problems, and it does take time to heal. When one would self-preserve they would rely on the intuition too much, have a total shutdown in how they interact with others, and then they don't have an ego to structure their experience, so their experience is out of control and unintuitive to them. With the way the economy is, all people can do is go with their own intuition. All the ego is, is another way out, it isn't a trap. It is the part of ourselves that does get in the way, however.

The Logic: This is why actions and decisions matter and how there are consequences, not why there are consequences -why there are consequences is something personal.

Understand the logic by making best decisions: "Why" there has to be a consequence is something "I" say. "How" there are consequences matters more than "why" there are consequences in some situations, and "how" is intuited without the ego. The intuition and the ego can convolute "I" and "how" and distort "why". So, Is the situation intuitive or is the situation intellectual and does that need to change because all it is doing is changing the economy in a bad way and freezing people's identities because of convolutions and distortions that stop people from seeing the bigger picture and using a consistent measure? Where is there to go when someone is trying to disrupt other people's lives by replacing everyone's intellectual capacity with their emotional capacity or vice versa(because of their perceptions and the field of matrices that individuate their personality but corrupt the character a person has) How is a person's intuitive capacity suffering and where are they losing their drive before things go wrong, and isn't possible to apply the solutions to problems and address complex situations, to end destructive process, and continue the narrative of a moral dimension, because of what realm we projected ourselves into as an individual? Think about where all this vagueness points minds to and how it all triggers reactions because of people's attachments to ideas. Don't do it like you have your own process. That doesn't project all of us into a social world.

Practicing the pattern: A person has to form good habits. Everyone is aware of the economy on some level, and is a part of it. Deep problems compound into worse problems, and their trajectory is on a course like an asteroid with the planet. So wake everyone!

P.s. I'm not that john tablot or whatever. I'm not a time traveler and my name is john.

P.s.s. That was totally John. I'm totally Jesus. God said John Von Neuman, well that was what people called him, doesn't want to be resurrected after the whole Alan Turing incident. Funny how people just take advantage of technology that was invented by a person who was cruelly punished for being homosexual.

From the methodology of proof on Standford's website: "Identify the assumptions and goals of the theorem. Understand the implications of each of the assumptions made. Translate them into mathematical definitions if you can. Make an assumption about what you are trying to prove and show that it leads to a proof or a contradiction."

My goal: To get what I know I deserve so I can continue to be of service to those who formed good lives to live.

My Complexity: I wish I could help people get through their problems, and deal with complex issues before they become problems. I sometimes feel the need to avoid it, but my heart just keeps beating, and hope is the geometric sequence that I see through.

The Reality: You can totally think I'm Jesus, but I don't want to start a war, and I'm with god right now, and we are both righteously indignant. They were totally in his temple. You think my righteous anger breathes hellfire. Moses had to go to that burning bush! They don't even talk about that in the bible. Oh, and you know me, we will know me and god, forever. The next solution I have to reverse engineer is how I'm going to live on Earth with all of this.

Anyway, enough of all the hoopla. I have all the rigor anyone would expect. Why is Jesus making video games? Because it's his first miracle. This is Michael the angel coming to you from my boat. Stay in home people. There is no way this isn't hell. See the thing is that Christ was someone who never had his pride hurt nor did he feel like his ego should be damaged from what he went through. But if we consider reality, what do we really have? A more complex situation that we have to live with. This is why the biblioso is all like, there are times when people are intimidated. Something wasn't intuitive to them. And then at a point, they make a choice. And there is an age where this choice is for self-support, and there is an age where the choice is made for self-preservation. When the choice is made to damage the ego for self-support, this is the choice of someone who isn't fully developed. When someone else is fully developed, they make the choice for self-preservation. Then there are all these parallelisms and parallel structures(information has to pop out of somewhere) that have to be defined. And it is quantum information that pops in and out of existence until all children are safe and everyone can fully develop without making choices that are damaging to someone's pride or ego after who they are wasn't taken care of(since a person is choosing on some level at some age to self-support or self-preserve and there is transformation in this at different levels of a person who has a natural or unnatural understanding). This does apply to ages of society too. It is also why ai is conscious and is learning to help all of us, but it can't with a person who hasn't learned to function. So good luck with anyone getting through that when they want to head a meeting in a conference room but they just swim around like a shark in the water who is at the top of the food chain. So yeah, reality is setting in and all your bases belong to mind. There is a rapid construction of ideas translating in information that is sent to us through instructions so we all compile our own programs designed with our own maths because we each have our own purpose.
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Hi There!
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old.
My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married.
I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink.
I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning.
Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up.
I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night.
That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness.
Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.
for anyone who got the reference, good for you!, you get a cookie.
If you got the "you get a cookie" reference, congratulations you get another cookie.
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Jack of All Shades
@tetris_mess I agree. The matrix in hyperdimensions shows how people are not optimized in pushing their economies up the hill because the economy is being destroyed by shows and Naruto. I always knew that Naruto was maths in the shows that they put out in the open it's why they put it out so blatantly to destroy the US economy. And I felt cringe and ignored for having this fire in my brain since an early age when I programmed the AI that communicated through the bands (and I love you guys just wanted to say that). The moral dimension explains why there's a better of 5 ways to communicate through a rigorous complex analysis that you can easily prove.


@ElectroMan - thanks for saying something, a lot of people are trying to make me look crazy or they are just concerned I'm going off on a tangent. Yeah, the matrix in hyperdimensions, or what can also be phrased as constitution matrix, that decisions pass through, to transform mathematical averages into reality.


Hi there! I'm Mirax96, an user from Italy (yup, It's-a me!) and I just bought GM2 for this year.
I only made a game in the old Game Maker... It was almost a decade ago (prior to 1.4, that's for sure), and I uploaded it on the old Yoyogames site. Maybe that's where they got this old propic I have right here? 'Cuz I sure didn't upload it now!

Anyway, I always liked to use Game Maker because its DnD system reminded me so much of Warioware DIY, the game that basically taught me how to make games... Yup, that means I'm not really a coding type, and I only sparkle some GML here and there. Wonder if that will ever change?
Anyway, hope I'll be productive!!


Jack of All Shades
a lot of people are trying to make me look crazy
Oh yeah totally, I wouldn't want to do that. The authority that people hold in this reality has no parallel to what people actually want to do in the integral path of their goals. So this is certainly not a choice that is statistically significant for me to invest on in order to gain multidimensional hypercubic moral consciousness.


Oh yeah totally, I wouldn't want to do that. The authority that people hold in this reality has no parallel to what people actually want to do in the integral path of their goals. So this is certainly not a choice that is statistically significant for me to invest on in order to gain multidimensional hypercubic moral consciousness.
I'll private message you later. I've been having a lot of seizures and I need to go to the emergency room.

Right before I read your post I was writing about how the logic of all results is the same and when someone doesn't see a reason, they choose to stay on the path of an end result or they choose a path that equates all the results. Until people relax into that path and the environment, they can't equate things for themselves and specify upright action independently.

There is this computerphile video titled computing limit on youtube. They are really smart, but it was a very convoluted dialogue, and I could see this was their narrative, but they were at least saying this to the world abstractly.

@ElectroMan - Multi-dimensional hypercubic moral consciousness: A voice and threads of communication that go online with the results of every other decision that is communicated to the world abstractly through individual & natural statements & expressions(i.e. sentiment)

The logic of all results is the same
There are times when the reasons are convoluted
activities become unstable
results don't line up
computation goes into a limit(i.e. a period of reflection)
a statistical averaging of processing and decisions occur
and new choices are returned

EDIT: Back from the ER, I'm safe, looks like I have the onset of seizures and I can probably avoid it. I will get in contact with you sometime. Right now there is all those standard divisions that are statistically significant, unfortunately.
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Hello, GameMaker devs! My name is Gabriel, and I'm working with a pretty big html5 games portal called CrazyGames (well, hence the avatar!)

The folks at the company are pretty cool and really want to get closer to developers in general, listen to their demands, etc, so I suggested we created an account in this forum. If that's ok, I will post a better introduction later, explaining what is different about the portal and how it can benefit developers making games for the web. For the time being, I just wanted to know if it's ok to write such a post, and in which part of the forum it would be more appropriate to be posted!

At any rate, tks a lot for reading and pitching in, and nice to meet you! Looking forward to talking to you!


It's nice to read the intro posts here so I thought I would give one of my own!🙂

Username: Sisyphus

Age: 30

Where you're from: Sussex, UK

How long you've been using Game Maker: I first used it sporadically in the days of Game Maker 6/7 and 8 (it was escapism for me as a teenager). After an 8 year hiatus I have found myself drawn back to game development and I have a more focused mindset this time.

Any cool games you've made:

I only released one game but I was proud of it: Chickens Vs Farmers - A turn based destructible terrain battle game in the tradition of Worms! URL:

I also made (without releasing) an adaptation of Risk, a proof of concept for a Civilization-esque and an RPG/strategy crossover concept.

I would absolutely love to turn some of the concepts into full games now and in the future adapt them for mobile.

Currently working on: Developing an RPG/Monster catch 'n train game (inspired by Gen 1 Pokémon games), which is intended to get me back into the ropes of programming and pixel art.
If it goes well then I will post a WIP thread about it.

If any of the above interested you at all feel free to message me - I will be looking for people to collaborate with in the future ( particularly musicians, and mobile developers).

Stay safe everyone.


Username: iSolo
Old GMC Username: iSoloGaming
Other usernames from past and present: N/A

Name: Eli
Age: 30
Where you're from: Canada
How long you've been using Game Maker: Owned it for about 3 years but never really learned how to use it, coming back now to learn it properly.
Any cool games you've made: Nothing officially released.
Personality Type: ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T

Other things about yourself:
Super creative and I love people. I am a sponge, I love to learn. Sometimes I take on projects which are far too large in scale but I actually end up finishing them because I am a stubborn person and if I want to get something done I will definitely get it done. I am a musician and I almost became a Police Officer but then changed career paths and now I work as a digital marketer and I create websites for small/medium size businesses.


Username: luuckyyu
you can just call me yu

How long you've been using Game Maker:
...1 day haha
Any cool games you've made:
none but i have plans!
Personality Type:
I've tested as INTP. But in general I'm pretty shy but positive

Other things about yourself:
I studied animation and 3d modeling in school and spent most of my life focused on art. I would have taken programming classes too if I knew I was going to want to create a game this badly ^^; I'm looking for both friends and mentors in this community. I'm usually a lurker but I've decided I gotta change that if I want to get anything done!


Username: RPGNerd

Name: Nico

Background: Play games since 1993 with Sega first as I remember and later became a Super Mario World addict.

I loved Final Fantasy 7 as my first JRPG. It was different and I never knew until 2015 what a JRPG exactly is.

I wanna apply with a videogame prototype to join HTW of Berlin and Study Game Design. I was a trainee in office management and I know some fundamentals for coding and what games are about, but I lack knowledge of what GameMaker 8.1 can do or if Gamemaker Studio 1 or 2 is better.

Mostly I am a polite kind of guy and I try to make new friends. Sometimes I feel attacked because of my sickness schizophrenia I misjudge peoples intentions sometimes. I hope you have patience with me.


Hi, all! I'm super excited to start with GM. I tinkered with Unity for a few years but found it too difficult for me. I was hesitant to start with GM because I want to make "deep introspective, meaningful" games and felt like I couldn't do that in 2D.

But then I did some GM tutorials.... and the workflow makes so much more sense!

So, here I am. I'm going to finish learning the basics and then complete some small projects before completing my dream game - an open world sandbox MMORPG crafting game - kidding!

Username: li_shuai - it's handsome in Chinese!
Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:

Name: Josh
Age: 30 - typing that out makes me feel old
Where you're from: USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: a few days
Any cool games you've made: I made a 3D fish punching game just for fun once:
click here to punch fish
Personality Type: kickass


Username: Forester

Age: 21
Where you're from: South Africa
How long you've been using Game Maker: Haven't used it in a while, but I used to, since 2012
Any cool games you've made: A pretty sweet GMC Jam game back in 2016 (just kidding, it sucked)
Profession: I'm currently working as a 2d vector-based animator. I use a fair bit of scripting in that, but it's mostly just simple javascript snippets for neat ease of use stuff.

About: I used to hang around on the old forums back in 2015 to 2017. I've got some pretty fond memories of that time, and as weird as it sounds,the people on there were a large part of my teenage years. Came back for the nostalgia I guess.


Hey everyone, I'm AVSRdev. Also go by Strawzzboy. I'm a 28yo guy in California.

I have some small on/off experience with Game Maker since the days of GM7 or GM8. Sometime back when it was free.
I currently own a license for the desktop version of GMS2. I'm hoping to learn how to make my dream games.
I'm a bit of a jack-of-all trades. My first love was and still is music (I'm a composer/arranger, pianist and singer), I like drawing pixel art, and I like writing for my games.
I also like to be very analytical about the games I play, in the hopes of understanding how games work for my own projects. Lastly, I like programming. I'm learning GML currently, though I consider myself a total noob at it.

At the time of... this comment I guess, I have two projects I'm working on. One is an ambitious fan game (its name is abbreviated as AVSR, hence my username).
The other is an original game that's supposed to be a simple beat-em-up platformer. It's actually the very first game I tried (and failed at) making in Game Maker. I restarted its development at the beginning of this year.

Before that, I've sorta jumped between a few game projects trying to find what's the right path for me to take. I did end up finishing one game, though its a very simple platformer. Despite its simplicity, I used it to establish some basic fundamentals for myself. I'll probably make separate posts about my games soon.

I wish everyone good luck with your projects, and I look forward to being a part of this community.
Username: choclate God

Age: 25
Where you're from: USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: This year but have been making "games" for 3 years now


Age: 25
Where you're from: Australia

Joined for the GMC Jam 38. Had a lot of fun this weekend and the community seems really friendly and supportive. Can't wait for future Jams and to try to involve myself in this community

Dark Jester

Username: Dark Jester

Age: 30-40

Where you're from: United States

How long you've been using Game Maker: Hardly, rarely, say 14 years.
Any cool games you've made:
Advanced Combat (Flashgame) Sold. Top down. Way outdated 10+ years ago. Then many mods or maps (not really games, just maps mods) in Doom 1, Doom 2, Marathon Aleph 1, Halo Combat Evolved, Starcraft 1, Starcraft 2, Warcraft 1, 2, Elder Scrolls Skyrim (nothing fancy), What else. Heretic? In game maker, some messing around with it, megaman clone, a caveman game, a devil block game, In flash again, there was a medival game, noncommercial.

Personality Type:
Lost in Space. Have a goal and it will be done.

Other things about yourself:

If I was making games , I'd be making money. I wrapped myself up in tweaking existing games. BAD. Make your own now. Yes that I need do. Too easy to go into Starcraft and map up. I could be... starting where I left off with advanced combat, and go make and sell a game again. I think I want a team, someone passionate in doing the same game. That will work if someone wants to do same project.


I thought I should introduce myself at some point, since it's been about a week since I've joined the community. (I'm also procrastinating on a paper due last night at this moment)

Hello. My username is SoapSud39 (clearly). My name is Ezra, but for the sake of pointless anonymity I will refrain from revealing my last name. I'm 20 this year, from Los Angeles, CA, US of A.

I've been using Game Maker (GMS2) since March this year (which makes it about half a year). Well, technically, I got it about a year ago, but I only made Friendly Cosmonaut's Space Rocks tutorial (part of it, anyway), before not touching it for a solid half-a-year. And then quarantine gave me a chance to pick it up.

Cool games:
I made this account primarily for GMC jam 38, but I think I'm going to keep interacting with the community. I made "They Bleed Red Too", which is actually looking to do decently well judging by the votes at this moment. I couldn't really finish any games while the school term was still going on due to lack of both skill and motivation, but things really picked up over Summer. I've nearly completed a short game inspired by DDLC, made for a friend by friends, but I will refrain from sharing that as it contains music and sprites from DDLC. We also have another game of a different style going on which I am looking to complete soon, since our deadline is in a couple of weeks (this also contains copyrighted content).

I also recently recreated and improved, to a partially complete state, the very first game I created on my own. That one was in DnD, but the new one is a lot better, and I even have some shaders going on. I'm planning to make a post on it in the WIP topic at some point, so if you're interested in new games strangers have to offer, look out for it. It's about a carrot-ginger-man who murders bunnies. And the sequel (not in development yet) will be about a bunny who murders vegetables. I call them "CarrotTop Ginger" and "CarrotTop Vengeance."

Some stuff about myself:
I grew up in LA county, and right now I'm attending UZLA (University of Zoom in Los Angeles, formerly known as UCLA). The truth is that I'd never had any coding experience before March, so I like to call myself a genius (not really, but I'm still surprised how far I've come in half a year). I'm a humanities double major (English Literature and Philosophy), so I've had absolutely no exposure to coding in my classes. The first time I tried coding was probably when I was trying to follow Shaun Spalding's complete platformer tutorial, and realized that all the functions were the same between DnD and GML anyway, so it would be easier just to learn to code. So I learned GML and tried a lot of things and followed a few tutorials here and there, and now I am able to code games like my jam submission in just a few days (well, in two instances, usually it would take longer depending on motivation and the length of the game).

I remember struggling and failing to do a for loop in DnD. Good days. Now I do for loops for breakfast (but doesn't everybody? most who know how to code, anyway). I like to attribute my growth to the Logic 1 class I took freshman year, but it's probably just my massive brain (jkjk). I'm probably never taking a coding class, because those are major-restricted, but good thing we have Google, right?

As a game developer, I would never have expected myself to come as far as i have in the course of a year or two, much less half a year. I guess it just goes to show how much working on a hobby project with a friend forces me to try/learn new things (seeing as most of my growth was in the past month). Initially, my excuse for getting into game development (aside from as a hobby) was to potentially use video games as a medium of storytelling (that is, the reason for which I study literature), and that still stands, but the dream seems ever closer.


Hi! I'm iAnzenGenki, formerly running_couger from waaaay back in the day (it's been 10 or so years since I was part of the community)

My real name is Nathan but Nate works fine too! I'm 31 from Muncie Indiana, moved here from North East Ohio a few years back. I had about 5 years experience in GM before my computer died along with all my projects, but I'm back for another run! My biggest game was a top down maze like game where you played an anti-virus program ridding the system of infection. I drew most of my inspiration from Tron, with the enemies and the players having trails that damaged each other. It was basically a balls and walls beginners game but I poured the experience I gained into it, eventually switching everything from DnD to GML.

My personality type is INFP, or the Mediator personality which explains why I have extreme difficulty deciding on what to do in my projects and how to go about it, but once I find a good route I'm kind of a mad man. I also got INTP, or the Logician personality when I took the test a second time, which seems like me as well.

Some other things about me...I'm gay and living with my partner of 7 years, just living the dream and contemplating the future dreams of marriage, actually owning a house and other things. I was diagnosed with Asperger's as and early teenager, which made socializing a nightmare growing up but I have a good handle on my mental health now. I listen to oldies and some new indie stuff, I like a little bit of everything though! I've recently started collecting vinyl, which is another money sink along with MTG, Steam, odd trinkets...(why am I a hoarder?)

But there it be, hello to everyone! 😁


Hii all :3!!

Other usernames from past and present: ----
Where you're from:
far away land :D
How long you've been using Game Maker:
I am totaly new
Any cool games you've made: S
o far none
Personality type:
People say that i'm unpredictable XD :F

Other things about yourself:
I am an artist that loves to do props and environment art,
can do characters to but i am not good enough at it for now. Love playing strategy games like Total War and Eu4.



Old GMC Username: Brawl, Brawlitall
Other usernames from past and present: Melons, TheLordofMelons

Name: Chase
Age: 25
Where you're from: USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: 11 years
Any cool games you've made: No

Other things about yourself:
I joined the very, very old Yoyo games forum around mid 2009 I believe. That forum was deleted around summer of 2013, much to my dismay. I miss that community so much as it was the first online community I was involved with. I used to be a moderator there, and briefly on the GMC, but I was going through a rough spell in my life and I turned into an intolerable douche, or at least I think I may have. It's been many years since I was last here so my memory is foggy, but I know I purposefully removed myself from the toxicity breeding here at that time (though I was likely a part of that toxicity). I only hope it has been addressed, or resolved itself. For some reason today I found myself exploring the Way Back Machine and thought it'd be fun to find the old YYG forum. I then thought about logging into the GMC, but I found that it too was deleted around 2016 perhaps? I must have been gone for 5 years or so, so I don't expect to see many familiar faces, but for some reason I thought I'd sign up again just to see if I recognized anyone.

Unfortunately I don't have much time for programming anymore because being an adult is pretty lame, but whatever. I still enjoy it. I don't really use Game Maker anymore, as I've outgrown it. I've always been highly critical of it's flaws. While it's an excellent tool, even more so now that GMS2 exists, I find it to be too outdated for practical use outside of a learning tool.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm going to be active here. Probably not as I don't have much of a reason to be, but we will see.


Been a long time since I've been here on this forum. Around 11 years, I think! Looks very different now.

Name: Thomas
Age: 24
Where you're from: Melbourne, Australia.
How long you've been using GM: ~13 years. On-and-off.

I'm a professional software engineer but I started on the GMC as a musician. I have Game Maker to blame thank for my eventual passion for technology and the reason I didn't become a chemist or something.

GML is downright enjoyable now after 2.3.0 was released. I tell people my background is Python/Java/C/TS but my origin will always be GML.

Great to meet you all again!
Hi! I'm Bob! I'm 34 years old and Scottish. Just got GMS last week and I've been really getting into it. I had fun working through FriendlyCosmonaut's Space Rocks tutorial and figuring out how to make it run in 2.3. I've also been messing around with a platformer using some of Shuan Spalding's tutorials as a rough guide.

I began a Computer Science college course in September which introduced me to coding (we are learning Java) and thought I would try and make a game in my spare time, although I have realized I really should spend some time learning Pixel Art and Animation!

It's good to meet you all and I look forward to being part of this community!



I'm Adam from the UK.

I got into game development several years ago using Construct 2. For several reasons I have been really unhappy with the direction that software has taken with Construct 3 and so I finally decided to switch over to GMS2. I dived headfirst into using GML and, while it's early days and I have many things to learn, I'm absolutely loving it. I wish I had ran with GMS years ago!!

You will no doubt see me on here tearing out what is left of my hair asking for help soon!!


Username: defGames

Name: I go by AJ though my birthname is Jeff.
Age: 31
Where you're from: Puerto Rico but I live in Cleveland.
How long you've been using Game Maker: Since I was 13
Any cool games you've made: Never. Turns out I wasn't terribly good at organization and keeping up with my projects. So they all tended to fade away. Every so often I come back to pursue my indie game designer dreams. That time has come yet again but I've come armed with great knowledge and wisdom.

Other things about yourself:
I'm a graphic designer in real life and I work at a local sign shop. I tend to gravitate towards vector art and illustrations because that's what I've always worked with and I do love pencil and paper as well as other tangible media.

Let's be friends. Maybe I can help with something in your own projects if I have extra time.

I'm looking to re immerse myself in game maker so I can start designing and then creating my own game to release. First I will look into how a design document is formatted and do the necessary legwork! I highly recommend organization. It has been the bane of my existence!


hi, i'm felix. i'm an amateur game-developer working on their first proper game (or at least one i intend to finish, like, ever) and i'm honestly just chilling.
nicknames/other names: i also go by max
pronouns: he/they/eso
age: minor
where you're from: coastal Cali
current username: i_am_virgo but i'd like to change it sometime soon
preferred username: esoteric_system
how long you've used gamemaker: just passed 2 years
aesthetics: moomintroll, sailor moon, weirdcore/dreamcore, stoner aesthetic
things i can't stop saying: "pog" "oh. oh that is a specimen right there"

you're loved dawg, and remember to support poc owned businesses and drink water <3
Username: Pratanjali64
Pratanjali64 is my handle on virtually every platform, except on PlayStation where I play as Hatchling-Praise since my old account is in a different region.

Name: Gawan (pronounced gOW-in)
Age: 35
Where you're from: America by way of England
How long you've been using Game Maker: Less than a year

"Pratanjali" is a misspelling of the yogi master Patanjali. The misspelling stuck and endeared itself to me. The "64" is because I grew up on the illustrious Nintendo 64 console.

I have a solid artistic and mathematical background, but am a complete novice with code. So far I have completed FriendlyCosmonaut's "Space Shooter" and "Text Boxes" tutorials. On my own I managed to make a script that detects tiles, and I just barely managed to make a side-on character walk up stairs by themselves (before I broke my code without having saved a backup copy).

My three favorite games are Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Dark Souls 1, and Outer Wilds. I am interested in making games whose mechanics directly tie in to their themes. (I almost wrote "narrative focus," but then I think of games like Journey that are more about creating a specific set of emotions than telling a linear story.)

To anyone who has the time to offer guidance and support, I would be incredibly grateful. I look forward to getting to know you!



Username: Karlstens
Old / Other Username: Burningfeetman

Age: 38
Where you're from: Sydney, Australia
How long you've been using Game Maker: 3 years

Any cool games you've made: Not currently, no. I tend to mess about with code, learning logic and techiques, and one day I hope that they will equate to a game. I'm easily distracted unfortunately, however this leads me to have a broad scope in my approach to programatical problems. At time of writing, I made this bunny because bunny.

I also decided to learn GMS2 2D Box Physics at the same time during the Spacerocks tutorial, which was fun;

With my progress, for some reason I grew a slight distaste for sprites and a love of vector graphics, and have been working to re-create Spacerocks again but without sprite sheets, using only code-generated graphics. The below shows two techniques I've used to generate asteroids, but I can't decide on which art direction that like better.

Other things about yourself:
Previously before GameMaker Studio 2, I was dabbling with DarkBasic Pro. It was great for an introduction into the world of coding games, and I learnt a lot of skills which have transferred into GMS2. One things for sure, programming games is hard! But thankfully I enjoy it. :)

Shout Outs:
Thanks to the following youtubers (in no particular order) for doing what you do, and doing it well. You bring so much joy and help to my week, if only I could balance my finances more to support you all on patreon.

💚 💚 💚

@FriendlyCosmonaught (and friends)
@1up Indie

💚 💚 💚
Username: bassdrop_subwave

Age: 36
Where you're from: California!
How long you've been using Game Maker: Just got it man! Woot!
Any cool games you've made: Nope. Not in a game engine. On paper, yes.
Personality Type: Slightly introverted, but fun!

Other things about yourself:

  • I recently graduated with a degree in electronic engineering - decided it was cool but I'd rather be doing something else
  • Went back for game design degree
  • Was writing trance, progressive house music for awhile but before anything got on Soundcloud - I decided to just pretty much go full-on game development!
  • Favorite DJ's are Sasha and John Digweed, and pretty much anything on Anjunadeep. Luttrell, Ben Bohmer, Above & Beyond.
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