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Name: Rui Rosário
Age: 25
Where you're from: Portugal, but living in Germany
How long you've been using Game Maker: Started using it around 2009 / 2010, but haven't used it for some years.

Other things about yourself:
Software Developer for a living (first Backend Developer, currently Embedded Developer). Came back to the community due to nostalgia regarding GameMaker (although I don't think I'll be using it again... don't want to have a Windows machine and don't want to go through the trouble of trying to add compatibility layers in Linux for using the IDE) and since I hope the community is still half as good as it was before. I've had several accounts throughout the years (both in the old GMC forum and in the current one) but I no longer have access to the login details of my old account in order to ask for it to be reactivated so I decided to have a fresh start. Hope to get back into game development in the near future, in which case I'll be back to relying heavily on this community once again.


username: awesome_jav
age: 18
Where am I from?: New Orleans, Louisiana :) (jazzy town :cool:)
How long have you been using gamemaker: about 5 or so years if I remember correctly,
Personality type: INFJ-T (it's kinda wack how many people have similar personalities on here but I guess that makes sense)
Cool things I've made: uhhhhhh....I'm really bad a finishing projects...but I've made about 2-4 small little games.
Future things to create: I'm setting my sights on some bigger, RPG style games now that I'm more confident in my programming abilities!
Other things about myself: I love to play music and draw, I'm not super good at either of those, but I do enjoy doing them. I've been interested in game design for about 5 years now and I am currently studying computer science in the hopes of furthering my skills as a programmer. I try to be as friendly as possible so feel free to reach out to me if you want a friend or if you maybe need some basic programming help (though I'm by no means a pro programmer), I'll help if I can :).


Username: Grandero

Name: Brando Martinez
Where you're from: Venezuela; Currently in Colombia
Other things about yourself: I Make Pixelart, Love to do animations, background; Also do calisthenic ^-^


Username: Grandero

Name: Brando Martinez
Where you're from: Venezuela; Currently in Colombia

Other things about yourself: I love to Pixelart stuff for videogames, I also do calisthenic hehe ^-^


Name: Jon, but you can call me Xor.
How long you've been using Game Maker: Since around 2010, starting with GameMaker 8.
Personality Type: ISTJ (Logistician)
Twitter: @XorDev
Facebook: @XorShaders

I'm a (relatively) long time GameMaker enthusiast and hobbyist. Today, I specialize in shader coding and I spend much of my time is dedicated to experimenting with graphical effects. You may know me from my shader collection on the old forums and my shader tutorials: xorshaders.weebly.com. I'm rewriting the shader tutorial series from the ground up with my extra years of experience so if you're interested, keep an eye out on my Twitter or Facebook!
Thanks for reading!
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Where you're from: Australia
How long you've been using Game Maker: Since 2016 so that's 3 years! WOW!
Any cool games you've made: [Android] Pocket Air Guitar (FREE Version, NO ADS) - literally just released this week :)
Other things about yourself: I'm into pandas, Chinese martial arts movies and boba tea :D

Nice to meet you guys, I really look forward to seeing your Game Maker creations! :D
Username: ChurchCrusade
Other usernames from past and present:
Waaaaaay back in like 2008 - 2009 on the old YoYoGames site, I was called NewMetra Creations. Man how quickly time passes! I went looking for the old sandbox site to hopefully grab some of the games I had made, but it appears to have been shut down quite some time ago. Oh well.

Name: Matt
Age: 26
Where you're from: U.S.
How long you've been using Game Maker: 11 years
Any cool games you've made: https://darkera-studios.itch.io/jolt-fully-charged I mean, I think it's a pretty cool game.
Personality Type: The personality test says I'm a "Turbulent Adventurer." Okay then. >_>

Other things about yourself: I'm still rocking Game Maker Legacy. You know, like Game Maker 8.1? From 2010-ish? I own Game Maker Studio 2, but haven't made the switch yet. After work on Jolt: Fully Charged is done, I figured I'll lay the old girl to rest. I work with a small group of other individuals going under the name Darkera Studios.

Jonathan Dodd

Hi everybody!

I am Jonathan from South Africa, I am a freelance pixel artist by trade and I am now trying my hand in the dev side of the game :)
If you guys want to check out my portfolio it can be viewed at https://www.artstation.com/dulcahn


Username: Konlet
Old GMC Username: I don't remember, probably Konlet

Name: Mike
Age: 21
Where you're from: Austin, TX, USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: On and off for a decade
Any cool games you've made: Worked on many small games and comics
Personality Type: Focused, Sociable, Carefree

Other things about yourself: I'm professionally a programmer, but I also do art and occassionally music. Creation is my addiction, passion, and I'd like to think it's my purpose, if I were to have one.


hello iam urvi shah,
iam new to this forum
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Hi. I am Marius from Norway. Been using Unreal Engine for a while, but decided to try out Game Maker since all my favorite games the last couple of years was made in it. I really liked it, and so I bought the Desktop version. I've made lots of small game-jam stuff in Unreal Engine, but I want to try to make my first complete game now, and Game Maker seems like the perfect choice. Also, I can do everything on my Mac Laptop, which I could never dream of doing with Unreal Engine, so now I can lay back in my couch and watch Mike Matei on Twitch while making games. Awesome!

Me: I used to work as a sound engineer in a studio, and a lighting engineer at concerts. I grew tired of that and decided to re-educate myself and now I am a full-time Computer-Engineer student. In my spare time I make chiptune music using 3 Commodore 64s. I also like to stay fit, so I run in the mountains a lot, and I train thai-boxing.

Favorite game: R-Type 3 Lighting Strike for SNES.
Favorite game music: Golden Axe for Commodore 64.

Anyway, nice to meet you all!


Hi I'm Skeletor, He-Mans older sibling. He got the looks and I got the bony yellow complexion. But the chicks dig it, so I can't really complain.

My cat is way tougher than his though.


Username: Kaishido
Name: Pascal
Age: 34
Where you're from: Montreal, Canada
How long you've been using Game Maker: A few months! Still a virgin :)

Other things about yourself: I have been a Pixel Artist since 2014 and used to hang out on PixelJoint back in the day. You can follow me on Twitter: @kaishido452
Username: FlesmihDog/k9
Name: Kacper
Age: 16
Where you're from: Poland
How long you've been using Game Maker: Few months
Personality Type: Yes

Other things about yourself: Sixteen years old guy who decided to make undertale and fangame and maybe few original games too


Username: BeardedBry
Name: Brian
Age: 29
Where you're from: Ohio, USA
How long you've been using Game Maker: For sometime 15 years ago. And the past few weeks.
Any cool games you've made: N/A
Personality Type: INFP

Other things about yourself:

I work as a web Developer, but I would like to be a game developer in my free time.
Name: Paul
Where you're from: UK, but now I live in France
How long you've been using Game Maker: 2 years
Any cool games you've made: Some private ones. Unfortunately, I cannot share.
Other things about yourself: I travel a lot around Europe.


Hi everyone, I'm Y3KSteven and I'm from the past, despite what my username might say. I've been using GM since 5.1 back in the good ol gamemnaker.nl days, and have never completed a single project! Hooray! I'm currently working on a new project (which is a revamp of an old idea) = An adventure/survival (with full story) crafting RPG set on a distant planet.
Anyways, nice to meet everyone, and it's good to be "back"



username: JABSphere94

age: 25

location: USA, RI

I have been using Game Maker 2 for about a year now.

Currently working on a tag team fighting game that's also a monster game (like digimon, pokemon etc..) might post my prototype build eventually.

I also have a YouTube channel but its just there for my speedruns.
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Username: Jackaroo
Old GMC Username:

Where you're from:
UK Originally but currently residing in Spain.
How long you've been using Game Maker:
15 Years on and off.
Any cool games you've made:
I've made a lot and finished very little. Some of it is still lurking around the web but nothing worth sharing here.
I typically work on 2D Platformers. I'm hoping to eventually create something original...and actually finish it.
My name is Alex Shalaev, age 27, I'm from Russia.
I'm using Game Maker Studio 2 for about 1.5 years, I am currently developing a Castlevania-like game called Tsarevich.
I also compose music in my spare time.


Username: jjettii

Name: Jordan
Age: 29
Where you're from: Victoria, Canada
How long you've been using Game Maker: Approx. 6 months
Any cool games you've made: I made a chess-inspired puzzle game, but lost it to a hard-drive crash :'( Now I've been working on small simple games just to get some experience under my belt! Being too ambitious when first learning to make games can kill creativity, so I'm currently working on the GML-equivalent of "doodling" :)

I do have some big ideas brewing which will likely take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years each to complete, varying from Metal Gear inspired stealth arcade puzzles to cyberpunk JRPGs to a fantasy-style Oregon Trail type of game.

Other things about yourself: I have too many interests to keep track of. I've been filmmaking for 15+ years working on a variety of short films. I love skateboarding but as I get older the risk of injury limits my interest in pushing my skateboarding skills. I've always loved drawing, sewing, and anything visual. I love camping, hiking and the outdoors.

I realized that the only thing I watch on YouTube is videos about games and game making and figured I should start applying myself. None of my friends are gamers or anything closely related to being "nerds." They all skateboard, are active, adventurous, and will only sit at a computer unless necessary. For this reason, I've always limited my interest in gaming but lately I'm finally saying f**k it! I want to do what feels right for me :) I'm super social and outgoing and looking to build some friendships through this community! Please don't be afraid to send a message, say hi, and share ideas :)


Username: ERRAMIR

Age: born in 1991
Where you're from: Argentina
How long you've been using Game Maker: 3 months .... :$

Other things about yourself: i do 3D modelling with Zbrush, for 3D printing miniatures for wargames, but also can be low poly for videogames.

I do grapchis design too (phothop & illustrator). Ido calisthenics, and eat a lot of NUTS (about 200 grams a day), i like honey too.... with nuts! hahah!
Username: szvsk

Name: Alexander
Age: 31
Where you're from: Russia, Yekaterinburg
How long you've been using Game Maker: Bought it in 2017, but really get into it just a couple months ago
Personality Type: INFP-T

Other things about yourself: Game development is just a hobby for me.
Name: Trip
age: 20
where you're from: classified
How long you've been using Game Maker : 3 months
Other things about yourself: i just wanna make games
Hi good morning guys. I am the GameMaker Studio 2 game developer and the Unity game developer as well. I used to have created the Mile Race Unity android video game. But I am trying to create the massively made 2d GameMaker Studio 2 PC video game. I have already purchased the desktop license, mobile license, and the web license version like already. I also have used to created the Symbol Learning Game from my own past GameMaker Studio 2 system. And now I am just coming back to create another 2d PC GameMaker Studio 2 game instead.

Username: Lightning Gravity
Old GMC Username:
Other usernames from past and present:

Name: Alan Chan
Age: 25
Where you're from: Canada
How long you've been using Game Maker: 1 Year
Any cool games you've made: Symbol Learning Game, Mile Race
Personality Type: Turbulent Defender ISFJ-T

Other things about yourself: I can run 3.02 mile within 27 min 27 sec. I already know some grade 12 high school university level calculus and vectors.
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Username: Escaliburn

Age: 23 at time of writing
Where you're from: Sunny Cleveland, Ohio
How long you've been using Game Maker: About half a year now, but I actually dabbled with it in middle and high school
Any cool games you've made: Worked on an iOS game called Art Club Challenge where I did UI design, and provided animation and other design work for a game called Little Stitches (itch.io link provided!) Not a video game, but I also developed a board game to help people learn the ideas behind stress management techniques, and I've made it available for free on my website!
Personality Type: Not personally a big believer in this kinda thing BUT ENFP-T (Campaigner)

Other things about yourself: I do a lot of work studying games as an art form, and focus a lot on game academia. I especially focus on usability and accessibility of games! Focused primarily on the indie scene, with no great desire to involve myself in AAA. Outside of game dev, I like growing plants, knitting, and doing a bit of urbex when the opportunity presents itself!


Username: Vargas
Age: >20
Location: Midwest, USA
Using GMS For: <1 year
Personality: ENFP-T

Hello there, I'm a relatively rusty programmer who is looking to sharpen their skills and to make some fun games using this product.


Username: Minerkey
Where I'm from: I come from a land down under

How long I've been using Game Maker: around two years now - so just GMS2

Other things about myself: I suffer from ADHD and ASD, so developing games (until recently when I found out and got medication to help) has been quite a challenge. I specialize in creating games with a retro 90s aesthetic - and have dabbled in music and texturing - and become obsessed with game programming, animation and writing
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Username: KGTK

Where you're from:Japan
How long you've been using Game Maker:About six months…?

Hello,Everyone!I am a Japanese student.
I'm studying English now, so my sentence may be wrong(;ω;
I've been drawing illustration and enjoying video games, but I recently started studying Game maker studio.
I play a lot from retro games to the latest games.Thank you!


Username: BionicDance

Name: Kate
Age: 44
Where you're from: Earth
How long you've been using Game Maker: Haven't even started yet
Any cool games you've made: A rather large number of years ago, I was actually in the game industry and helped make a game based on Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" as a cut-scene scripter and another game called "Alcatraz: Prison Escape". Both were, well, crap. Not my fault--I'm just an artist--but...yeah. Definitely not good games by any stretch. Both used the Lithtech 3D engine.
Also helped a friend make 2D graphics (from 3D models) for a game he never finished, alas. Not sure what engine he was using.
Personality Type: I don't even know how to answer this. I'm a bit of a goof, love to pun. Very much a sci-fi/fantasy geek-o-tron. And I don't usually let people get away with illogical thinking, which a lot of people find quite off-putting, but whatchagonnado...

Other things about yourself: Gots me 24,800+ subscribers on YouTube. I talk about subjects people will probably find controversial, tho, so I'm not gonna go into detail. Look me up your own darn self if you're curious. :)


Ello folks, I'm Beli_Mawrr. I used to be called AirmanEpic and Elfdud7 for anyone who remembers back in to the ORIGINAL yygf.

My real name is classified but it'll probably come up if you search hard enough for it.
I's from California
Been using Gamemaker for 10 or so years, but haven't really used it in a while.
Haven't made any cool games really, but I can and do make half-games with multiplayer and all that.

Personality type: Grumpy

Other things: spent over 24 hours of coding making a replacement forum, I'm happy/sad that we have a real forum now.

I also do 3D modelling, so if you need it for your 3D game, contact me.


Hullo again!

I was once a very active member on the YoYo scene, then dropped off for a couple of years. I used to hang around on the forums a lot, too. Sorta sad to see all that gone -- but fun to start anew!

Just picked up the trial to GMS2 to see if I like it as a prototyping tool to quickly throw together game ideas -- or to develop entire games, in fact, while on the go. Unreal Engine 4 is usually my love, but right now I'm on the ol' laptop, and she does not like it so much. x)

First verdict: pretty damn swanky. Got the bare bones basics of my prototype up and running in no time, with some rudimentary particle fx, game mechanics, and sprite work all flung together super easily. Good ol' Game Maker.

My game development life started on the old Game Maker, and I'm happy to return to my old friend and see what nonsense we can craft together.

Happy to return and excited to start messing around in the newest and latest YoYo has to offer.
Name: Eric
Age: 28
Where you're from: New Zealand
How long you've been using Game Maker: I've used Game Maker on and off for about 14 years.

Any cool games you've made: In the early days I made a Doom clone, a space fighter game, and a bunch of top-down games. More recently I have picked up game making again with a focus on mobile action games. I have two projects underway with one, "Dead Spread", being close to a beta release. Dead Spread is a top-down shooter where you have to kill all the zombies before they convert all the living in the level. I'm sure I'll be posting a link to that on here soon.

Other things: Been working at an EduTech company for the past 8 years. Started there when there were just 7-8 employees and there are now 150 of us. Though I started as a developer, I now oversee all engineering projects we undertake in the company - so game making is for fun projects that keep me coding (which I love!)


Name: Katherine (but I usually go by my middle name IRL)
Age: 24
From: United States, California
Personality Type: ENFJ (Though I can't put much credence in MBTI test... from the little I know about it)
How long you've been using Game Maker: Oh jeeze, maybe since around '07 or '08? My memory is foggy. Never joined the GMC until now, though.

Other things:
I teach introductory level programming, usually - and preferably - with an object oriented paradigm. At the gym you'll likely find me closer to the treadmill than the weight machine. I can outrun most of my students xD


Username: Jacnofuture

Name: Camille
Age: 27
Where you're from: I'm French, but I actually live in the Netherlands now.
How long you've been using Game Maker: less than a year
Any cool games you've made: COOL? NO! I've released my very first game which was a Christmas present *arcade type of game* based on my friend's instagram profile.
I'm on the making of a new game now, which is gonna be mainly a dark short pixel-art story.
Personality Type: I love scifi films, poetic tropes, traveling and unsettling/strange creations.

Other things about yourself: I'm a game animator, I work on a AAA studio by day, but I love doing personal creative projects by night!

It's nice to meet you too ;)


Username: BrownBox
Old GMC Username: AgentPilotGames
Other usernames from past and present: WackKnight, AgentPilot

Name: Jack
Age: 28
Where you're from: Australia
How long you've been using Game Maker: 18 months
Any cool games you've made: I made the game every developer makes first, a zombie game.
Personality Type: Outgoing if i'm happy, shy if i'm not.

Other things about yourself: I won a water-melon pip spitting competition in primary school



Hi everyone,

After leaving the games industry in 2012 and enjoying the world of mobile apps, I'm now wanting to get back into games again. This time, I'm going to try and build something on my own. As a Producer, I've never written a single line of code so after looking into various tools, I've decided to invest some time and effort with GMS2. Having signed up for the trial and recently completed the Space Rocks tutorial, I must say I'm really quite impressed with what I'm seeing.

As a huge fan of 2D, I'm looking forward to attempting to resurrect some old and long forgotten game ideas. No matter how old you are, games are just the best.

Northumberland, England


Hello, it is very nice to be here, I am a 3D Game Artist, could do 2D and animations and FX too :)
More about me could be found at 3dshay.carbonmade.com
Email for collabs.
Username: Beller Studio

Age: 18
Where you're from: Annecy, France
How long you've been using Game Maker: About 4 months now but something like 7 hours per day.
Any cool games you've made: Currently working on a game called "Zenesis", the first game of Beller Studio on Android and iOS !

Other things about yourself: I want to make video games more than anything, I worked 3 years on Unreal Engine 4 but it's time to try Game Maker Studio 2, I worked 2 years on Game Maker 7 & 8 and that's how I fell in love with Game Maker !

Mr Toby

Username: Mr Toby

Name: Toby

Where you're from: Australia

How long you've been using Game Maker: A few months, just learning.

Any cool games you've made: Nothing in Gamemaker yet, used to use Gamesalad and had a few titles on the app store - but found Gamesalad too restrictive and lacking features - learning GML and making a game.

Other things about yourself: Love retro games, visual designer and illustrator.


Username: Zenru45
Old GMC Username: N/A
Other usernames from past and present: N/A

Name: Magnum
Age: 36
Where you're from: The internet
How long you've been using Game Maker: A few months
Any cool games you've made: ROGUEBREAK

Other things about yourself:
Nice to meet you all. I’m a writer and game designer. I have a B.S. in programming focused on object-oriented languages and have been writing stories for almost two decades. As part of a challenge to myself, I have created a website (https://magnumprojects.wordpress.com/) where I am creating weekly writing, programming, and related projects. I would like to share what I have created and get some feedback.