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  1. Starbox Games

    Starbox Games Member

    Jan 4, 2019
    Username: Starbox Games
    Old GMC Username: Secret ;3
    Other usernames from past and present: none

    Name: Starbox Games
    Age: 21
    Where you're from: USA - East coast
    How long you've been using Game Maker: 11 years.
    Any cool games you've made: Wandering Star.

    Extra stuff about me:

    Game design has been my dream when I was little. Pour life meant very few new things, and just never found games that were for what I was hoping to play. Then I found GM 6, downloaded onto the Windows XP laptop and just had fun. (was 10 at this time) In 2-3 days, already had made my first game. A basic airplane scrolling shooter. Soon after, started trying remake lots of my fav 2d games with little success. Now 11 years later, Trying to turn my dream of being an indie game dev for my real life job. Created "Starbox Games - Creativity Unleashed" and spending years on games to sell and hopefully make it. Just got my most recent game posted up on steam and can't be more excited! Now it is all about to keep on pushing, updates, and work with the community.
  2. dialgpalkia

    dialgpalkia Member

    Jan 2, 2019
    Username: dialgpalkia
    Old GMC Username: dialgpalkia
    Other usernames from past and present: GarGira, The Fruitcake

    Name: Samuel
    Age: 20
    Where you're from: Australia
    How long you've been using Game Maker: Since 2012
    Any cool games you've made: Nothing that has made it particularly far through production due to my lack of artistic skill.
    Personality Type: Commander (ENTJ-A)

    Other things about yourself: I just completed a degree in Theoretical Astrophysics and I will (hopefully) be moving to France this year to train as a Project Management Consultant. I also lived in Japan for two years, learning fluent Japanese.
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  3. yasientrabih23

    yasientrabih23 Member

    Jan 4, 2019
    Name: yasien trabih
    Where's you're from: the netherlands
    How long you've been using Game Maker:
    for the very first time
    Any cool games you've made: Nothing
    Personality Type:
    Get to know me yourself.
  4. Sillyddog

    Sillyddog Member

    Jan 5, 2019

    Name: Milan
    Where you're from: Belgium
    How long you've been using Game Maker: 2 months
    Any cool games you've made: none lmao
    Personality Type: can be chill but really mad at times
  5. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Jul 15, 2018
    How much new people around! Hello, everyone!
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  6. CheeseMyBaby

    CheeseMyBaby Member

    Dec 5, 2018

    Name's Chris although I nick CheeseMyBaby... you know, from the song? Be-bop-a-lula... cheese my baby.
    Good song.

    I'm 38, from Sweden, father of two, married, ex-musician, ex-photographer, ex-filmmaker. Been working in the school system for the past decade.

    I've made two acts (out of 5) in a (text adventure) game called "The great something". Act I is called "the extraordinarily stupid tale of a former content chaser". It's about a depressed youtuber who pretty much lost everything. It's dark and it got me slightly depressed so I moved on and left it unfinished and unpublished.
    Then I found GMS2 on a whim and fell in love instantly.

    I've already had the pleasure of getting some assistance from you fine a** people in the forums but I've never formally introduced myself.
    Hi, I'm Cheese. Nice to be here!
  7. ChaoticSigh

    ChaoticSigh Member

    Nov 14, 2018
    Username: ChaoticSigh
    Old GMC Username: n/a
    Other usernames from past and present: n/a

    Name: CS
    Age: I don't remember
    Where you're from: Wild West
    How long you've been using Game Maker: Not long now
    Any cool games you've made: Work in progress
    Personality Type: Chaotic Neutral

    Other things about yourself: Self taught artist and songwriter. Mostly I play games and have always wanted to make a full game of my own. So that's what I'm here for.

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