GML Interactable Treasure Chests

GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2
Target Platform: All
Download: N/A
Links: N/A

The tutorials have been split into two parts. The first part you can learn how to use Aseprite to draw, animate and export a treasure chest into a format that GameMaker Studio 2 will understand.

The second part we will take the sprite strip that we created in the first part and import it into GameMaker Studio 2. We then develop a system that allows us to interact with these treasure chests. If we click on one of them and they are not locked a bunch of coins will fall out of them.

Part 1 - Pixel Art

Part 2 - Programming an Interact-able Treasure Chest


Thanks for this Michael its very helpful ^^ I just subscribed to your youtube channel..can u make a tuts about a zelda like game going up a stairs, how to do like it feels really like the character is going up a stair? if its not too much ^^ Thank you