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Question - IDE Intalling older runtime


Since in runtime there's a bug with variable_get/set functions, I would like to use previous runtime, which haven't got this issue (until next update).
I've downloaded through Preferences window, however when installation bar comes to 95% (top right corner), it goes back to 20% and whole process start again. I've installed this without any problem on my notebook 2 weeks ago, but now when I want to do this on my PC, it's not working...

Anybody got same issue?

From ui.logs I've got:
FAIL - verifying file BaseProject\options\linux\options_linux.yy does NOT match signature e52f0b3c09f8f8319ca1ea4c8077e6ae
FAIL - verifying file BaseProject\options\windows\options_windows.yy does NOT match signature 731cd5d25a29ad0e223939012348cf14
FAIL - verifying file BaseProject\options\mac\options_mac.yy does NOT match signature 406fc480c66121748d147e0bb9ced54b
[09:33:00:693] failed to download runtime module base
[09:33:00:694] failed to download runtime module linux
[09:33:00:694] failed to download runtime module mac
[09:33:00:694] failed to download runtime module windows


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
older runtimes will fail a check that was added in OB2 to improve the download over unreliable connections...



@rwkay : but I downloaded it on my notebook without problems 2 weeks ago, could that mean you replaced older runtime files/runtime RSS, so they will fail ? It was made using newest IDE.