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Question - D&D Instances on Path sometimes stops immediately on create

faultcode.png GMS2: I have 5 paths, 4 work perfectly, but randomly about 1/3 to 2/3 of the time on the first path (path0) I get the objects stopping the moment they are created. Even when I put On End path_action_reverse or loop, it seems to actually stop on create. I am adding multiple instances of the same type of object onto each path.

Maybe I can workaround by making an unused path0 and adding an extra used path but this seems stupid. I am using drag and drop, at least for the path creation, no code, so I cant understand what I could possibly have done wrong?
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I am not sure how to close this thread, so I will say that the issue is that I created a variable to randomly apply a path to, then use the variable to refer to a path. A variable that is set up with a default value/path may have this problem/bug, but since only one path was messed up, I created a new unused dummy path and had that mess up and the rest of the used paths now work.


If you can enable GML code preview for DND and ensure, that there's irandom_range(1, 7) in place where you have "Random from 1 to 6", (yes, should be 7 in code). Cause the only problem I can imagine is that there will be irandom_range(0,6), and no path will be set.