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Question - Code instance_nearest not self


I believe the only missing argument of instance_nearest function is the notme argument

Like the collision_circle...It has the notme to avoid the object from detecting It self

I tried this Scripts but It doesn't work as It should be
/// instance_nth_nearest(x,y,obj,n)
//  Returns the id of the nth nearest instance of an object
//  to a given point or noone if none is found.
//      x,y       point coordinates, real
//      obj       object index (or all), real
//      n         proximity, real
/// GMLscripts.com/license
    var pointx,pointy,object,n,list,nearest;
    pointx = argument0;
    pointy = argument1;
    object = argument2;
    n = argument3;
    n = min(max(1,n),instance_number(object));
    list = ds_priority_create();
    nearest = noone;
    with (object) ds_priority_add(list,id,distance_to_point(pointx,pointy));
    repeat (n) nearest = ds_priority_delete_min(list);
    return nearest;
and this one
var xx,yy,obj,nearest;
xx = argument0;
yy = argument1;
obj = argument2;
nearest = noone;
dist = -1;

for(i = 0; i < instance_number(obj); i++)
    var o,d;
    o = instance_find(obj,i);
    d = point_distance(xx,yy,o.x,o.y);
    if(o != id)
        if(nearest == noone || d < dist)
            nearest = o;
            dist = d;
YoyoGames, can you please add the notme argument to the instance_nearest function please


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This is something that YYG are looking at and there is a bug filed for the instance_nearest/furthest functions to get an (optional) "notme" argument added to them.

As for a workaround, the simplest one is to do this:

// scr_instance_nearest_notme;
var _x = x;
x -= 10000000;
var _inst = instance_nearest(_x, y, OBJECT);
x = _x;
if _inst != id && _inst != noone
// You found an instance!
return _inst;
return noone;


I was thinking how to solve this problem, and this idea came to my mind:

create event:
step event:
with (object) if id != other.id {if distance_to_object (other) <other.distance other.distance = distance_to_object (other)}
with (object) if id != other.id {if distance_to_object (other) = other.distance {code}}
distance = max (room_width, room_height)
Here is the code how you can find the closest Object instance
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@Happy_end_end please use correct formatting (all code should be between[code][/code] tags), the example you've given is pretty unreadable. Also, what's wrong with the standard solution that nocturne provided? It doesn't require instance variables, it's a lot more compact and can be run on any instance without requiring a control object.



I'm not saying that his code is worse, just as an idea of how to find the closest instance, by the way, it can also be launched in any instance, but you are right about the control object