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HTML5 instance_nearest() doesn't work in HTML5



Here is my code:

destroy = 9;

while destroy > 0
var wall = instance_nearest(x, y, oWall)
instance_create_depth(wall.x + 8, wall.y + 8, 0, oDeath);

This is what happens on HTML5

This is what happens on windows

Why such a discrepancy? I cant even play the game on HTML5 because I cant go to the next level. It reall sucks because I uploaded the HTML5 to a game jam and now I cant alter the files until the jam ends..

This is a bug but I didnt see a bug report section so here it goes.
I understand the HTML5 gif isn't the best place to show this bug, as you can still enter the portal, but other times it will be unreachable and I dont wanna record more gifs so yeah


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This is a bug but I didnt see a bug report section so here it goes.

I'd suggest trying to replicate the issue in a small project (having just a bunch of walls and a test object to destroy them) and attaching that to a bug report.