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Question - Code instance_deactivate ...BROKEN (bug)?!

This came across in another discussion, I just wanted to know if this is true, and if it is expected and why!!

but instance_deactivate... though stopping events from executing.... still produces massive fps drop (when there are too many objects)... manual says that instance deactivate would make objects been treated as non existing.

Is this some kinda bug? is the function broken?!

GMS1 would not drop fps... in this situation!
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Here in the image you can see that the fps is very low...
my code uses the room creation code and has the following code:

global.b = []

var  i = 0
repeat (100000) {
    global.b[i] = instance_create_depth(....);

// the object I'm creating deactivates itself in creation code ;)

another thing.... using ds_maps wich are very similar to objects.... uses a lot more memory.!!?


even though the objects have a lot of build-in variables.... YYG should really start to think on implementing
something like

this would create a object-ish structure...

1) with no build-in variables
2) deactivated
3) no graphics
4) and accessed as a object would ex: struct.variable = value; [...] and value = struct.variable;
5) accessing an non-existing variable would return ... undefined (for example);
6) no impact with fps
7) if it may need to be destroyed ex: struct_destroy(id);

and "replace" the ds_map (just saying though)
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