Windows Instance_create does not work in the windows test game, but works perfectly in the HTML5 version



I made a game with a quick intro, the end of the intro is supposed to create an object

I tested this a couple days ago, worked perfectly, no problems in windows or HTML5

Today I made a second room to do some testing, after I finished testing, I deleted that room

Now HTML5 spawns objects, but the windows test game doesn't spawn anything related to instance_create or the drag and drop version of instance create

What happened?

After I made the second room and deleted it, all of a sudden, my HTML5 was just a white screen but sounds still played, it eventually started working again without me doing anything, but now the windows test version doesn't create object anymore.

Edit: When I make a new game file, create instances works, but I need it to work in my original game there must be some setting that prevents instances from being created in the windows version but not the HTMLT5 version...
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