Instance Collision


Is there anyway to find the specific instance that collided with a object and put it in a variable? Would you use instance_find?


See: What's the Difference: Objects and Instances
Collision events (the ones from the event selector, NOT collision checks in the Step event): other refers to the colliding instance in this event only. IMPORTANT NOTE: other is always equal to -2 and will lose context outside the event. If you need the actual instance ID later, you need to use instead.
other.hp -= 5;
last_collided_enemy =;
Collision-checking functions: instance_place() and instance_position() are the instance-ID-oriented analogues of place_meeting() and position_meeting(). Functions that start with collision_ but don't end in _list all return instance IDs. Save that instance ID into a variable, then use that as the subject to work with. Note that these functions return noone upon not finding a collision. Always account for this special case whenever you handle collisions this way.
var inst_enemy = instance_place(x, y, obj_enemy);
if (inst_enemy != noone) {
    inst_enemy.hp -= 10;


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In short: use within a collision event.
To elaborate on this: you can use other for quick access during a collision event, but don't save other to a variable for later use (other is basically a volatile reference that is meaningless outside of a collision event or with-loop). gives you the actual id of the involved instance.