Demo Inkbit Demo - Available [1 bit puzzle game]

Pink Anvil


I've finally made a playable demo of my upcoming puzzle-game, Inkbit.
The game is inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Minit and Baba is you.
The project is yet in quite an early stage and many of it's components might change later on, but the base idea stays the same.
I hope some people find this game interesting and give it a try, and feedback is more than welcome.
Any ideas or improvement suggestions are appreciated!

I'm a solo developer and this is my first real game, so there likely is a bunch of bugs and errors, but I'll try to fix them as best and fast as I can!

Link to the demo :

Check out the trailer



Pink Anvil

Hey that looks pretty good. Well done.
Thanks Toque!
I'm not completely happy with all the sprites as I think some of them look pretty dull and basic, especially the map screen, but I have a few ideas how to improve them later on.