Alpha Infinity Engine inspired Isometric RPG template


UPDATE: sneaking, combat, item drop and pickup
Here I explain enemy behavior, alertness, sneak mode and some item functions

UPDATE: state machine, animations, actions, inventory equipment
In this video I explain how the player's state machine works, animations, combat, and items.

I've been working on making a template with looks and works similar to the Infinity Engine. If you aren't familiar, it's the engine that the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate games were made on.

It's based completely on GML without any extensions. I am making it with the goal to be fairly customizable so if needed it can be used as a Diablo-style template instead of a CRPG. It doesn't need specific sprite specs to work, all the scripts are fully commented and explained and every animation function can be adjusted to the sprites you are using.

I'm pretty much finished with the movement and combat systems and now I want to implement a proper Fog Of War (FOW) system, because right now I'm using a simple surface substraction.

My question: any suggestions on how to do FOV properly? I was thinking of ray casting on a grid but I'm not sure on how it will affect the performance.

Debug info
So far in a 8k x 8k room fully tiled and with at least 30 active objects (I mean the player, the enemies and the controllers) and about 100 wall objects it runs on debug on 700 FPS. That seems a bit high to be honest. The memory reserved is 800 mb but keep in mind that the sprites in this specific build are at least 200x200 and the texture pages are at 4k. And they are A LOT of texture pages. Each equipment piece requires 4 pages and downscaling isn't an option. Any suggestions on saving memory on that? I mean besides loading and dumping texture pages when needed.
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New update on the player's state machine. I explain how the animations work, how the sprite selection is being done, how the items work and the specific features of the game I'm making.