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Steam Infinitron - The Impossible Game




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Estimated Price
$ 0.99 ~ $ 4.99

Prototype version

What is Infinitron?
Infinitron is an intelligent entity that learns from his mistakes and becomes increasingly powerful and adapted to his way of playing. Each time you empty your life bar, it will change your attack pattern (from 25 to 50 in total)

What is your goal?
I made this game for anyone with any level of skill on bullet hell games can play and have fun without feeling frustrated, but if is not enough to satisfy an option of competing online highscores (world or only friends) and many challenging achievements and / or idiot for you to enjoy Your free time

More about dynamic difficulty
Infinitron will evaluate your "combat level" based times using a criterion the accuracy rate, number of lives you lose, amount of "special attacks" used and amount of "Perfect Bonus" (surpassing a standard Without dying or use " Special attacks ")

How will a score works
The higher the player's combat level and the greater the number of bullet patterns defeated, more higher will is the score gained per shot, bullets patterns surpassed and Perfect Bonus.

Shop for upgrades
With the points that have been gained on other plays you can buy upgrades to be able to reach far on your big battle against the Infinitron

Criticism and Suggestions
I am open to criticism and suggestions, thanks for the attention.