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Windows Infinite Installing progress and crash after startup tips window close



I have PC and laptop with Win10 x64 booth, booth connected to the internet with same ISP trough same router, booth have Steam installed and installed GMS2 Desktop, same anti-virus software and don't have any kind of firewall. On laptop GMS starts normally, bud very slow and have a bad performance cuz the machine had a realy old hardware.

Now. On the PC GMS after first start and authorize on YoYo server shows the message told "installing runtime" that loops forever again and again till I close startup splash with new tips etc and then GMS is allways crushes.
Same with Steam and non-steam versions.

Support ticket has no answer for 3 days.
Using 'ipconfig /flushdns' doesent help.
Can someone here help me solve the problem?
Does GMS2 have log-files or something similiar that can help to discover the solution?

Sorry, my english is bad.


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Afer few days YoYo Games Customer Support Technician Kevin helps me to resolve the problem that I had.
I have 360 Total Security installed and it terminate the GMS Runtimes Installation for some reason without any notification even without writing it in the log.

Temporary disabling 360TS helps to run GMS nornally.