Legacy GM Infinite chunk generation

Alright, this is going to be a tough one.

I thought of the idea to make a top down infinite dungeon crawler. My thought process of how this would work is along the lines of this:

I decided that using chunks would be a good way to go about this, Minecraft being an example of using chunks to generate infinite worlds. The chunks being generated are the ones on screen, the ones the player can see. Whenever the player moves, it creates new randomly generated chunks where the new area is. This in itself is a cool idea, and probably has already been made. But making the computer remember the already generated chunks, especially after playing for awhile, is going to start to get hard for the computer to handle. So I then had the idea to delete the previously made chunks when they go off screen. So if you leave an area and go back to it, it’s completely different than it was before. This results in a forever changing dungeon. This game concept results in the player having to make sure to get all of the loot, and be forced to leave behind loot and extange loot for other more valuable loot when their inventory is full, knowing they can never go back to get it again.

I know this is kind of a leap, but I think it could be done. If anyone can send me some code, concepts, or suggestions of where I can learn about creating randomly generated chunks in gamemaker. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your time!

Liam Jacobs

You wouldn't even need to generate chunks in this kind of system. You would need to use chunks if there's information in each area that needs to be saved, but because it's completely randomized - you could literally use one room that pulls from a random pool whenever it is entered/exited.

I'll post a short example in a moment.
Oooh, that makes much more sense. The link doesn’t seem to be working, it sends me to a “page not found”. Could you try sending it again?

Actually now that I think about it, if you’re sending me a file, it wouldn’t work on mobile... I’ll try it on my computer