GMC Jam Incursion

Originally made for the 6th GMC jam(6th of the new jams, before we went back to the old numbering...) where the theme was 'Convergence'.

My initial idea was that you were some sort of rogue wizard apart of some cosmic group of space wizards who had realised the multiverse was falling apart due to too many universes. You wanted to fix it by combining universe and lessening the strain, and they didn't. In the end it didn't make sense with the gameplay but nobody really noticed so that's ok ^^'

Story description from the original version's readme.txt:
The multiverse is old and dying.
You have discovered a way to save it, by merging universes and reducing the strain.
But your people believe it is unnatural to tamper with such things and have labelled you a heretic, vowing to stop you and let the multiverse return to the void.
You only hope you can merge enough universes before they finally stop you...'

Gameplay description from the original version's readme.txt:

Destroying enemies increases the convergence, getting damaged by enemies or traps will reverse the process. Keep killing until convergence is complete.
Your magic attacks work differently in each universe:
-Left universe is more powerful
-Right universe is a spread attack
-Middle universe is a combination as both but less powerful
-The void makes you weaker
Original jam version download

New version download(coming soon)

Feedback and future ideas are more than welcome.
What I'm looking to do with the new version is something more fun and random. At the moment, the attacks are hardcoded to each region, but ideally I think what would be cooler is having all sorts of different variations on attacks that behave differently(such as projectile amount, their direction, speed, and damage) with the middle merged region being some sort of compromise of the two. For example, what I have hardcoded in the original version was left side had one strong projectile, the right side had three weak projectiles, and the middle area is my attempt to combine those, with two medium power projectiles.
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Whoa I really like this idea. Very unique.
Would be cool to have enemies that you can only kill when in a specific dimension.
Maybe make it so that when the void opens it attracts everyone to it, make it actually try to swallow everything up. (also adds to the panic of wanting to close it asap maybe)

Nice concept, cant wait for what you're going to do with it.
Oh that's a neat idea, thanks!
Originally I only had time to make one enemy and it wss just a circle that moved slowly towards you. But having universe specific enemies could be really interesting.
I do like you idea for the void too so I think that's worth trying out too. Thanks again.


You could almost UWP this and get it on the XBox store as a quick casual blaster. Add worldwide high scores, etc, and you might be onto a competitive winner.
That sounds cool, I love the idea of competitive high scores(Don't even get me started on how obsessed my friends and I got trying to one up each other on the original Trials HD and Doritos Crash Course...). Not really sure how scoring would work in this just yet, as the current goal is basically "kill X amount of enemies to progress". And each level is just increased enemy spawn rate with a larger X goal. So I may have to change that up a bit!
I was thinking of including boss fights every couple of levels too.
There's probably a better way, but I personally just sort of hacked it in. I manually draw my application surface with a persistent object I call obj_screen. I draw the x and y coordinates of the surface with an offset variable(I think I call it "offset") which is set to 0. Then when I activate the screenshake variable, I just randomise that offset value(only by a small amount like 4-8) every step and reset it back to 0 when it is done.
Small update:

First video is of the updated functional menu. I took the one from the jam version and tried to improve it a little. Made the options menu part of it as well for less mucking about. And I changed up the transitions a little.

Second video is showing some improvements to the hand and feet animation. Eventually I will replace the body parts with sprites though. Also shows some messing about with debug enemies, and the changed ability.
Originally, the jam version had an emergency one use teleport but it sucked and some feedback suggested a pulse/repel type ability which is already muuuuch better.
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