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Mac OSX Increase code editor font size


Hey there, does anyone know how I can increase the font size in the editor? I know I can zoom in on the panel, but this isn't what Im looking for; I want to keep the editor panel zoomed to 100% but increase the size of the font.

I saw someone on another thread mention F7 and F8 are supposed to control this? These F keys do nothing for me, maybe it's a bug in the Mac beta? I can't find an in-menu alternative, wondering if there's some other way.

F7 and F8 work for me in the Mac Beta.

Check your keyboard shortcuts in your Mac System Preferences and check that F7 and F8 are not being used elsewhere.

Also, have you got your function keys set to act as standard F1-F12 keys, or are the set to be used as Mac Keys. Sorry I'm using a Mac Mini with a window keyboard so can't be precise...but I read on some Macs, the function keys are not normal F1-F12 by default, they have special Mac functions attached unless you change the settings.