Job Offer - Programmer In Search of Someone to Create my Game


Autumn Rowan

Hello GameMaker Community users,

I am currently in the process of making my own top-down / isometric 2 player-per-session online game. However, being in and out of the hospital a lot lately and new medications have left me unable to work on the game (I struggle to follow through on things).

No pity to me, though - I am looking to pay someone to remake the game. Mechanics can be explained, but essentially it is a 2 player online game with a top down - isometric blended graphical style. 2 players per session. I would like Steam peer-to-peer support for friend playing and matchmaking - however, do not have Steamworks registered at the moment. So maybe set that up but mostly focus on custom multiplayer server. (Which I can provide the server itself for on Ubuntu).

Most if not all ready test assets are put together / being put together as I type this, including tilesets and a base character. Sound and music is also created and can be provided. Just need somebody to put their pedal to the floor and get the mechanics, multiplayer, and game made! :)

You'll be paid. My low bid is $150-$200 flat rate. Obviously, that can change based off skills or personal needs. Revenue share along with the flat pay is an option, as I plan to publish the game.

You'll be asked to sign NDA. Not legal name, just your screen name and email.

Contact me via forums or at autumnummie [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you.

Hi Autumn,

I am a friendly and experienced game designer seeking new projects with too much time on my hands these days. I am about to release a demo of a game I've been working on. It is a top down shooter with metroidvania elements similar to Hyper-Light Drifter. I'm implementing 2 player for the new steam remote play. I am lacking on art, but have a VERY modular game setup, designed for quick growth. If you're interested, I can apply what you have to my current code with some gameplay tweaks to get you a solid game in a relatively short amount of time.

Best regards,


i can make your game ez, but i am able to do only the game mechanics, i have very little networking knowledge.
@TheOnlyQuarry The OP is from 1.5 years ago, and the person who posted it has had their account deactivated. Its highly unlikely they will see your post. Your best bet would be to email them at this point (its at the bottom of their post).