Steam In My Defense - retro, side-scrolling, sci-fi shooter


Now released on steam- In My Defense on Steam

This is a very challenging, old-school, retro, side-scrolling, sci-fi shooter, with modern twists. You must defend your base against the onslaught of approaching alien attackers. Utilize power-ups and protect your allies and resources.
There are also bonus, twin-stick shooter levels, that occur under the base. The game has an original soundtrack by six composers and voice acting.



Looks alright, although I think the enemy projectiles should be more visible as you want to avoid having "cheap deaths". I atleast have seen in the gameplay video some very small green projectiles, unless they are not enemy projectiles.


@AnthonyRose Thanks for the comment.

I have tried to limit "cheap deaths" in the game. It can be difficult with so many objects flying around the screen in the game.

You are referring to the spores that are released when you destroy a pod. The spores are fairly big (10x10 pixels). I added a gas trail behind them so players can track them. I think that trail is what you are referring to when you mention the really small objects. Maybe it comes across weird in the compression of the video, but those small green particles are just a gas trail left behind by the spores. The trail doesn't harm the player, just the spores themselves.

The actual spore ->3350e4fc-298b-447b-ba1c-96fb7197dc1d.png

The smallest projectile in the game is 8x8, so there are no very small projectiles. I even put in the HUD, a statement of what type of enemy or projectile killed the player.

There are many risk/reward things in the game, like the teleporter. You can teleport into an enemy ship and die. This can be avoided by either checking the radar beforehand, or using a shield power-up prior to using the teleporter.

Probably the most unfair thing in the game is if a spider jumps on the player's ship. It can be hard to avoid. I made it so the spider rarely jumps, and you can always check the radar to see if there is a spider to the left of you.

I tried to put a fair amount of design into the game. There are enemies that work together, the player has to prioritize and make decisions on which enemies to handle first, and I have put many things into the game to prevent the player from camping in a single spot. You really need to move around the whole playfield.