Steam In My Defense - Defender style retro side-scroller Demo!



The demo has been released!

From Game Jolt

Steam Link

I started making my first game with Gamemaker Studio 2 for Windows.
Hopefully, I will have some type of early, playable demo by the end of November.

This is an in-development, retro, defender-style game. It is also inspired by Empire Strikes Back from the Atari VCS. It has tower defense elements, as well. You pilot a fighter in a side-scrolling playfield. Your object is to defend your base on the right side of the playfield. There are allies to help you, which you must defend. There are teleporters and power-ups that can be combined. Enemies appear on the left side of the screen, but some can be dropped behind you.


The base is not shown in the video, due to the fact that I still have to make it.



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This is very cool! I am going to be following your project. I love these old space shooter games and it looks like you are adding some nice style and personality to the Defender type game formula. Nice artwork too.

I am also making a space shooter as my first game, called Vanguard Alpha. It may be a bit ambitious, but I'm trying to create a hybrid game combining the gameplay of Asteroids and also the gameplay of Descent (if it were a top view 2d game instead of a first person cockpit view shooter), in which after the first 3 "asteroids" style levels of each mission, you then take your ship to the planet surface and explore bases looking for keys to open doors while shooting security drones. I am working on developing a very rich story for it. Might seem odd for an asteroids style game to have a story but I'm going to try to work something out!


Thank you for the feedback! I really like Gamemaker Studio 2, so far.

Your game sounds interesting. It is fun trying to improve upon and expand classic games. I will be sure to check out Vanguard Alpha.


The demo has been released!

From Game Jolt

All the core game components have been added. It now has the base that you must defend. I added AI-controlled wingmen bots to aid the player. However, they can be turned against you!

I think that I have got the AI of the bots where I want them. I didn't want them to be unstoppable and the player just sits and lets them do everything. I wanted an aid to the player that were a big help and that they had to defend. If not, there would be hell to pay. An evil version of your wingman is probably the biggest threat in the game.

The demo is one ten minute wave. Please try it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!
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Happy Holidays!

Just the time to show off the new winter level environment of In My Defense.

The video also features the new enemy, the Planter. The Planter cruises in from the base side of the playfield (The opposite side that most enemies spawn from). It drops floating mines and plants seeds that grow into terror stalks.

Additional things I have added since the demo was released:
  1. Enemy mothership (boss battle)
  2. Saves high score
  3. Pause feature
  4. Power-up activated is now shown in the HUD (thanks to Art Ink Studios for the suggestion.)
  5. A few issues/bugs fixed
I still need to configure all the waves of the game.



This is a video showing the latest updates to In My Defense. At the end, I show some very early footage of the game.

Changes since the last update video was posted:
  • Backgrounds have been re-done to improve quality. (Also, the star background no longer scrolls too fast. I didn't notice this until recently)
  • Added a new environment- darkness. Limited flares must be used to see well around you.
  • Added a new power-up that spawns an evacuation ship. If you defend the ship and it reaches the left side of the playfield, many resources will be replenished. (Bombs, etc.)
  • Added a screen-shot key.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added audio feedback on menus.
  • I have started making the waves. There will be 31 of them.
I hope everyone has a great holiday season!


In My Defense now has a "Coming Soon" Steam page:
Steam Link

Steam Trailer is below:

Changes to the game since my last update:
  • The waves have been completed. The structure of the game is now complete.
  • Added the ships computer voice, called Defensa. Defensa is played by a voice-over actress. She warns you of danger, informs you when you run over a power-up, and comments on events.
  • Music soundtrack has been added to the game. It is 6+ songs that were composed exclusively for the game.
  • Two new power-ups- Speed Boost and Guided Missiles.
  • New enemy- Shielder- absorbs your weapons. Has to be destroyed from behind
  • New enemy- Creeper- vines that creep to your base and attack it. Must be fully destroyed or it will just grow back.
  • New enemy- PowerDown- slow moving enemy that hunts your powerups. Can use them against you.
  • New Boss- second boss added to the game. It is at the end of the trailer.
  • Improved graphics on ships and AI ships. Minor graphical improvements on a few enemies.
  • Improved menus and gamepad support to menus.
  • Added achievements and other steam functions.
  • Added credits and leaderboard pages.



I decided to add some bonus levels to the game. These 10 new levels are close to being finished.

They are intermingled with the regular levels, that were inspired by Defender. The team that did Defender, followed it up with Robotron 2084, one of the first twin-stick shooters. These new, bonus levels are inspired by Robotron, but besides being a twin-stick shooter, and having an enemy (Rockster) that is similar to the Hulk in Robotron, it doesn't have a great deal of similarity. It has some Gauntlet style spawn generators.

I have also done many minor graphical enhancements to the Defender-inspired levels, including adding a new thunderstorm environment.

Before the end of the month, I plan on making a new trailer for Steam with the newest improvements.

I also plan on adding an updated demo to Steam in the next few weeks.