GMS 2 In-game survey?

Currently, I am developing a 2D pixel art bullet-hell boss rush inspired by R-Type, Bloodborne, and StarFox 64 (link to demo here)

I have done localized focus group testing and am planning a strategy for broader market research. One consideration I have is a short in-game survey built into the game's code.

I'm considering this because players are not likely to fill out a form outside of the game (unless there's a good incentive) and having the survey appear upon completion of the demo is more convenient for them.

Of course, the survey would
  • Be opt-in
  • Not collect any personally-identifiable data
  • Include any necessary disclaimers

Survey Questions:
  1. Did you enjoy the game? (Yes or No)
  2. What would you rate the game (Rating out of 5 stars)
  3. Purchase the full game for (Multiple choice: $10, $15, $19)

What I'm asking
  • How to package and send survey data from a game executable to a data collection location (e.g. Google Forms, Google Analytics, etc.).
  • Recommended software for collecting and analyzing data
  • Effective ways to collect error messages/crash reports
  • Any tips on disclaimers

Thanks in advance for the tips