GMS 2.3+ In a music game, whats the best way to spawn your notes?


Hey all, me again.
Still working on this music project. I've hit a bit of a snag.
For those of you who are familiar with music games, I'm trying to implement velocity/scroll modifiers.
Currently the game's notes have a tendency to spawn on top of each other and get rather jumbled up.
I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the notes spaced out but still have them arrive to the receptors on time.
Currently this is what the note object consist of...

    x = lerp(startx, obj_discs_controller.zone1_x, timing_prog);
    y = lerp(starty, obj_discs_controller.zone1_y, timing_prog);
Timing prog is a percentage of how close the note is to it's "timing goal".

For the object that creates the notes...
//If this condition returns true, create the note
        if (global.millisecond>=note_millisecond - ( (BPS * 1000) * global.gem_speed ) )
BPS is the current Beats Per Second and then its converted to milliseconds.
So basically, I'm subtracting one beat and then applying a multiplier.
I feel like the size of the nodes should be factor in some kind of way but I don't know.
I'm sorry if this is unclear, any advise is much appreciated.


It's hard to understand what exactly you are doing and what the problem is, so just talking theoretically here...

If I were making a music game I would be using audio_sound_get_track_position() every step and comparing that to an array or ds_list, trigger something to occur when the position passed the current list entry and then begin watching the next. I can only talk from experience regarding lip-syncing, but that's how I did it. If I were moving points from a to b based on that position, then yes I might use lerp as you have knowing the start and end track positions.