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Question - IDE Importing (or quickly creating) Animated Tilesets?

I'm working with some animated tilesets I purchased recently. The animations are consistent; I have an image file made up of regular tiles - each row is a separate animation, and each column a separate frame. A given tilesheet has about 24 rows with a consistent 8 columns.

From what I've read, animated tilesets have less overhead than other options, so it's better to use them than objects for mapping. However, importing these is turning into a bit of a pain.

Following the GameMakerStudio2 Reference manual, the process is to import the image as a sprite, create a tileset and define the grid, and then go into the Tile Animation option. Then, for each animation, you click add animation, then select the number of frames, then select each frame one at a time.

To import just one tileset for this is going to be upwards of two hundred clicks. Any time I'm doing that much repetitive work, I try and figure out what I'm missing, but either I'm googling it wrong or otherwise it's not available. Is there any easier process for this? I've imported one so far and it works great...but I'd rather not do this a bunch more times if there's a quicker way of going about it.