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GMS 2.3+ Importing existing rooms

Hi. I am creating a game with a friend of mine who lives in another part of the country, we both are using our own separate copies of GMS2. I am doing the main coding and he is doing the design. When I import a room he has created (by using "add existing") it imports everything associated with that room - sprites, tilesets etc. even if a sprite with a certain name already exists. What I am asking is, is there any way at all that, when importing the rooms he creates, if it uses, for example, an object called "floor" that it skips importing his version of "floor" and uses the one already in place? At the moment it would create and use "floor_1". If this is not possible, is there a better way of importing rooms he has created into my version of the game? Would appreciate any help at all with this.


I would look into source control that way you guys can make changes at the same time and make updates and review any conflicting changes.