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Import Sprite with Layers


Hello everyone,
I have a question that may have been asked (but I haven't found it).
Is it possible to import a sprite with its layers?


Thank you in advance,


That GUI does not at all seem familiar to me. Aren't you using GM:S 2?
Anyway, what would you want to use these layers for, within GameMaker?


Hello Thanks for answer me :).
I use GMS 2.3.
When you edit an image you can find the "Import Strip Image" for import an extern sprite sheet.


I want to do this for change, for example, one color in my sprite or other small changes like this.
If i can import layers with my draw, i think it will be more easy to change my sprites details.

Maybe i use the wrong way to do it.
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I see this thread got moved. :) It was in the Legacy Community Support section when I saw it, hence my confusion.
I don't expect what you want to be possible, but I don't have GameMaker Studio 2, so I'm not sure.