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    Jul 20, 2016
    +You must have a project that's promising, carefully designed and ready to be released soon.
    +You do know what Firebase is, and have decent GML knowledge.
    +I will be doing this for fun and helping community. I do not expect any credits, but appreciated.
    +You agree that the extension I made is not finished yet(and is not PERFECT), but serves vital parts of Firebase. I currently use this extension in two of my games FLAX & WORD CHAIN
    +Be able to talk with me on Discord in /r/GameMaker server.
    +Will be completely FREE of Service.

    You'll be able to;
    Read data online/offline (Firebase Remote Configurations) : You'll be able to read "let's say online/offline INI" from Firebase servers. You can, for example, change the colour of your background in the game depending on anything from user's country to whether he pays a lot via in-app-purchases. All is up to your imagination.

    Performance Monitoring : You'll be able to see how networking and your game does in the world. Median program opening in miliseconds etc.

    Firebase Analytics : The extension is well integrated with current Google Play Services extension of Yoyogames so you'll be able to track Ad Clicks, Ad Exposures, general analytics data, your custom events, current screen of the player, user properties, user ids etc.

    If you're interested in, show your project & your needs in the comment.

    Note : Currently the job is only for one person, and is free.

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