Implementing code for Google Admob


These might be some stupid questions, but I haven't found an answer on them anywhere, and I'm just unsure about it.

I implemented the code for Admob banner ads in my Android game as shown in the Google Mobile Ads setup, and everything works fine so far. Now I would like to build the final APK for the Playstore, and I don't know if or what I should do about this line of code:

GoogleMobileAds_UseTestAds(true, "E3DAE5ACB5072BA36197B94E287927C9");

(This is the line from the setup page, of course I used my own test device id.)

Should I just set this on "false" for my final APK, or should I completely delete it? I probably should just delete it, but like I wrote, I'm not sure about this.

And how do I implement these here:


I wanted the banner to only show in the room where the game takes place, so I tried to implement the above two lines in a step or create event in one or the other way, but nothing has worked so far. I found a work around for it, but maybe someone could give some tips for this.

Many thanks for any advice about my two questions above :) .