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Question - Code Immersion effects gone



In the newest GMS update, the
function has gone.
We got no new alternatives. No extension (from YYG). Nothing.
So, what is the replacement and why there was NO NOTIFICATION about it?


This issue was discussed. Unfortunately, the function will not be.
Oh. Thank you. But there was no info about it in the 2.0 changelog.
I don't use the 1.4 any more, so they can't blame me not following that thread.
Also they should do create extension. On android it is only 2 line, (I develop to android in Java, so I know.), because there are no official alternatives...
But on iOS, I don't know because I haven't used that api, and I have given back the mac when I finished with my work.


@T-bond @Andrey

I just created an asset for this: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5396/haptics

It should be very easy to use, you can set the device to vibrate for a specific amount of time or through patterns (vibrate_ms, pause_ms, vibrate_ms etc.). It's yet untested in GMS2, so if you decide to get it and it doesn't work, I will try to fix it asap!
Thank you.
I will do the Android, and HTML for myself, the only issue will be with the iOS part, because I don't have a mac ATM, and I would like to test the code, before I publish to my audience.
This can vibrate on iOS too, but I'm not sure, because of the reviews.
But thanks for the extension.
I'm also disappointed, because yyg dropped the support, and now we have to buy an extension, without them providing an alternative FREE extension.

Edit: I'm also waiting for my project manager, to buy the Phone module to GMS2, because I only have the GMS1.4 as you can see on my own extension. :)