I'm ready for Gamemaker Studio 3

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Hi guys

I have been using Gamemaker since 2009 or 2010. I am only making games as a hobby, as I work in the medical device industry/biotech as my real-life job. I use Gamemaker for games, but also for creating other programs. I can see that a lot of other engines has started to pop up - such as Godot and Defold. However, I feel very loyal to Gamemaker, as the software and the community has been paramount in my ability to create and finish projects. But I do have the fear of getting stale. This is something I get in all areas of my life. As such, I have decided that I am ready for Gamemaker Studio 3. I will accept a price increase, subscription model, whatever. I love GML as a langauge - as well as the editor. The latter could use some improvement, I have a hard time keeping track of things. I recently bought an Ultrawide monitor to alleviate some of the problems.

What do you guys think?


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I think your fear of getting stale isn't really(shouldn't be) based on whether GMS turns into version 3. There is nothing wrong with using it as it is right now, or even spending time learning other disciplines or trying other engines(if you are in some sort of "boredom" stage, which I understand).

As far as the editor getting updates/upgrades, it is in the works. 2.3 had TONS of changes to the GML language and some editor features(sequences for one). And they are doing things to make the editor better currently as well. We all agree that a better editor is a good thing...but there is no need for them to increment the version number no matter what all features they do. They will likely eventually do so, but I don't think it is happening just yet. I'm thinking they are going to add all the new "inspector" workflow stuff to the editor for the 2.x series first. Then I'm guessing they might increment when they do something more massive, like the plugin system. This is all speculation which is somewhat against the rules however, but the point isn't the speculation itself so I think I'm OK.


Eh, seeing as 2.3 wasn't released as GMS3 with all of the pretty monumental changes that came with it, I'd be very surprised if GMS3 was coming anytime soon.
Not in 2021 at the very least. I'm convinced GMS3 will be the way to go with Opera, but I'm not too sure how exactly are they going to improve it in order to warrant the subscription model change?


If they released GMS 3.0 when 2.x is still relatively young, they would probably bleed customers, since it would probably require the purchase of a new license, just like the transition from 1.x to 2.0 did. The majority of people don't appreciate being treatedas nothing more than a source of revenue.

Honestly, I can't think of anything that GMS currently needs that would warrant an all new version; incremental updates are more than good enough at this point.


I think it might be dangerous to release GMS3 anytime soon to be honest.

Other engines are available for free, GMS is pretty alone in charging money to use it, so each time they release a new version and charge more money, chances are more people make a switch to another engine. (If they released GMS3 and I had to pay another $500-$800 to get my licenses again, I'd likely learn another engine at that point.)

It would probably be best to keep the costs to their users as low as possible right now.

Not sure if this topic falls under the "speculations about GMS and YYG" rule though...?
I do not intend this to be speculative at all. Only that I am on board to pay for Gamemaker (Studio 3 etc.) at a time where many other engines are free - as O.Stogden stated.

I view GM and this forum as a combined package. I bought Gamemaker 8 (and maybe 7 before that, I forget), GMS1 (with exports) and GMS2. The combined price for 10 years of usage is great value for me. I would buy again at a higher price...for the package.


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I prefer what GMS 2.3.X is now. I see no reason to create another engine from scratch. Better to improve what already exists.


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What do you guys think?
I think I'll close this topic. While this kind of thing is a fun topic of discussion, we have a general rule on the forums that no speculation topics are allowed. Unfortunately, we've seen in the past how speculation can spread and people start to think things are true that aren't, which can be problematic... So, let's just enjoy GMS2.3 for now and wait to see what new developments and features YYG announces over the coming months and years. :)
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