I'm Making Two Games, Which Should I Finish?



Hello Guys!

I've made some quick prototypes of two game ideas I've had, but it has come to the point where I need to focus on one and I'm not sure which I should work on. I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on what you'd rather see finished. Critiques are welcome as I'm looking to make something people actually want to play.

Game #1: Dr. Sweet Tooth 2

This game is a sequel to my 2014 game Dr. Sweet Tooth. The type of game is different from the original though, in that it's a tower defense game now, where you are now Dr. Sweet tooth, instead of the competitive eaters from the original game. Basically you switch sides this game.

Early Prototype Build Video

Game #2: Subway Ajumma

This game was inspired by my time spent in South Korea. In Korea, old women are called Ajummas(They look like this) and are often seen as pushy and rude. They will shove you out of the way to take am empty seat on the subway. This is mostly due to Korea's idea that elders always deserve respect, so no one can talk back to them. This game takes place on the Korean subways, as you, the main character, are trying to find a seat for your girlfriend only to make eye contact with an Ajumma that also wants the seat. You must slap the Ajummas and use tricks such as throwing your briefcase to claim the spot before the Ajummas do.

Early Prototype Build Video

I'm a little worried about the second game, as some may think slapping old women is offensive. I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on the two games and any advice you all have.


The first one has more depth and appears to have a unique take on the typical tower defense playstyle, I would personally focus on that one
I'd say the first game too. Unless you can make an interesting twist to the second and maybe make the player feel sorry for being an ass to the old woman somehow.