I'm desperate

Hello, I am desperate for months working on a project and today when I went to open it I do not take care of any of the sprites or objects or rooms that I had, they all disappeared within the project but still exist in the folder where the project was saved , any way for the gamemaker to load my project correctly?

Joe Ellis

Yeah they've been de-registered\defined in the main project file somehow, it used to happen sometimes on gms1.4 with some bugs in updates, but the files usually still exist, so you can just add them back in.
I'd like it if gm just scanned the folders at startup and used whatever is in them, but then the specific order you've put them in would be lost, so the project file is for saving that really. But it would still be good if it scanned the folders and added ones that weren't there previously to the bottom of the list.
If it comes up I'd actually like to make a suggestion to yoyo for that
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