Graphics I'm a programmer, not a designer.

So I recently bought Gamemaker Studio 2 on steam and started working on my first real game.
And well, I'm pretty proud of what I have made so far. It's a zombie survival game like the old classic Call of Duty World at War Zombies but then 2D of course.
The problem I faced tho, I'm really terrible at making graphics. So my game at the moment looks, well, terrible, really terrible. Soo, I thought, maybe someone on the internet is interested in helping me with this game. Don't know for sure where to look exactly but thought this would be a good place.

In conclusion, anyone who wants to start working together on this game? Contact me! Email:

Yes yes it looks terrible I'm well aware but added the image anyhow to hopefully give an image of what the game is.


It's a good strategy to make your game with PLACEHOLDER graphics and then redesign them.
I had always scared of Photoshop, but eventually learned to use it.

I suggest you the same.
(Or you can pay someone to do them for you)


You can buy assets for really cheap, they’re all over the web. You could also hire an artist. If you’re looking for pixel art, pixelation has a lot of talented artists.

I don’t think anyone will be willing to commit to doing the art of your game just as a hobby.