Windows ilklone - make a klone and solve puzzles!

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    ilklone is a puzzle-platformer game where you can create a klone that will help you to work out any kind of problem!
    • You can create up to 3 klones in a stage, but one at a time.
    • You can control both your character and the klone at the same time
    • In larger-than-view stages you can swap your camera with your klone's
    • You can get rid of your klone when is not needed anymore and create another one!
    The game features:
    • Lethal laser beams (most can be deactivated)
    • Levers that deactivate traps or sort of
    • Teleporting portals
    Some previews

    • SFX/more traps/puzzles to solve
    • Enemies (robot sentinels and such)
    • More more more levels
    • 'Soul-transfer' from original to klone? [DONE!]
    • Other things that klones can do?
    • Suggestions?

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