Demo Ili - A game where you talk to the immortal Ili who longs for the past.



Heyooo everyone, nice to meet ya'll!

My name's Misha and I've been working on this game called Ili for the past 19 months. Ili began as my 5th year architectural thesis project at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where I took my architectural hand-drawings and brought them into GameMaker Studios to code around them and I'm very grateful to YoyoGames for providing such a powerful yet user-friendly and free program :D Since then the game has become much more narrative driven.

Thanks heaps for your time. Stay awesome GameMaker community! :p

Ili is an immortal being haunted by regret. Your aim is to guide Ili through her past and meet the ghosts from her past. While Ili is the game’s protagonist, you control most of her actions and act more like her spiritual guide. You are to help her say or do things that she would be too afraid to do by herself. The problems put in front of both you and Ili can be solved in different ways through talking. Do you intend to change the past? Or is it better to make peace with the past and to move on?

Check out the trailer and the link to the kickstarter below, I'm very proud of what I've made and would love to share with everyone :p

Link to Kickstarter!

Link to Demo!

Hand-drawn style. Pencil, pen, watercolour. The game will use analogue drawing techniques to render this these painted worlds. Through these 2D methods, the game will experiment with how games can represent their worlds.

4th wall breaking narrative. Through the entire game, Ili will talk to you through the 4th wall, and you will guide her actions as you travel beyond time and space.

Narrative-focus. Despite being a powerful immortal being, Ili is a pacifist and deals with her problems through talking and negotiation. Like Fallout 1 and 2, through the power of speech instead of violence, you can approach each situation through different ways.

Multiple endings. Ili will have multiple endings in the style of Silent Hill 2 and visual novels, where the way you play and the things you say will change how the story of Ili will end.

The City of Pala

Infinite Point Perspective

First greetings

Falling through space

Misha C - That's me! I'm the lead developer, artist, programmer, writer, and PR manager. I graduated from the University of Auckland with Masters degree in architecture. My goal is to be an indie game developer :p

Seoroh - A friend and fellow artist who can possibly be commissioned to design a few worlds and characters! Check their tumblr for more of their work!

"Solaris" by Seoroh
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Just give this a download and runthrough - Very cool!

A while back I was introduced to Yume Nikki and other exploration / light puzzle games and I was pretty intrigued by the genre but this is the first chance I've had to actually play something in that vein.

I like the concept and the presentation, seems like you've got a good start on a good idea. Best of luck with your funding. :) I know a pair of folks who are interested in more narrative-heavy games, and I'll point them in this direction.

...I'm just going to make one very small suggestion; which would be to add an end screen to the demo, so players know it has finished as intended and not just crashed to desktop. >.>

But overall looks cool, hope you can keep making headway. :)


Hey Gravedust, omg thanks so much for the comments! Yep Ili is quite influenced by Yume Nikki and other atmospheric games that's light on mechanics. Thanks for the referral to your friends as well :D

And hahahaha, about the end screen, very true. I'll have a crack on it tonight and try add a simple end screen and maybe a reset game option as well instead of crash to desktop :p

I'll check out your game as well now :)
Game looks nice. =)
The gameplay seems...kind of empty, though? Especially the way you can just seemingly wander all over the backgrounds, even over walls and holes and such. I dunno.

Anyway, good luck with the funding!
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