If you had 1 Billion dollars, what is the first thing you'd do?


First I'd make sure nobody knows I have a billion dollar to avoid getting abused by "friends" (he'll pay everything for us, because he has a billion dollars)
and avoid becoming a nice muder target (for people that see a possibility to rob me from the money by killing me).
Then I'd ask people I trust most for advice on what to do.
Then I'd probably make sure I can legally own te money (I don't know what laws come with such an amount of money).
I'd convert the dollars to euros.
And finally, I would start planning how to manage this money in a way that it does get used, but doesn't get used up.


Pay off my student loans, and split the rest between high-yield savings and investments (stock market, real estate, etc).


Going to my home city and stop doing any kind of job, will do the things I missed (and they are a lot).
Also will buy few big old trucks ZiL and will park them in the places where I lived to teach neighbors a lesson because they are parking like idiots. Also will help to few of my friends who are in bad situations. And will buy a Honda CRV to my father, he loves them.
Will build a bakery and will live inside eating everything it produces until I explode.
I think it's possible to retire on a billion dollars, though not a million. So... I'd retire before I've even ever had a job.

Well, not exactly. I'd use it to allow me to jump-start an indie game company. Once that was running and making money, I'd save some and donate the rest to various worthy causes. The only reason I need money in life is so that I can afford food and housing. If I could be making games and still have enough for those things, then I don't need money I think.

Tyler Logsdon

Pay for college, decent car, nice(not overdone) house, a Shiba Inu, and a ring for my girlfriend :)


After the usual - payoff debts, help friends & family, etc., I would set up and fund a charitable foundation to help the less fortunate, and by myself a nice big house on Hilton Head Island. :)

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Cure for cancer ... Haha, let's put jokes aside, now; I would make a company and turn the billion in to more.


Hire a bunch of nerds to make a program that does all the work of the making games one every minute for me and publishing them and making me sales and making me more money and making top quality triple A title games to sell.

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A billion dollars is basically unlimited money so I'd buy a nice house, preorder a Tesla roadster, buy a beast computer and then I'd have like 999 million dollars left over.
I second that, US$1 Billion = 1 trillion in my home currency, I can buy thousands of houses and still have like lots of money left, rent those houses and make $350,000 a month.


I would also be boring and pay off the debts and mortgages of close relatives, and help out my siblings with home ownership. I would then build my dream home and probably do some travelling with friends and family.

I'm studying at the moment, so I would probably drag out my degree, given there would be no time pressure to finish it. I'd still want to complete it though.

In the long run, I'm not sure. I wouldn't be motivated to start a game company, although I'd probably look contracting developers and artists, and lead game projects instead of doing all the work. I like to paint, and write, and experiment with music creation, like a lot of people here on the GMC, so I'd probably continue doing what I was doing but with a bigger budget and a lot more time.

Honestly, I'm not the type of person who would blow huge amounts of money on junk. I'd relish the freedom the money gives me, and seek to invest it. I guess I'd gamble on cryptocurrency on a large scale too, but that would be for fun more than anything.


I would buy Capcom and start development of Power Stone 3.

Although I don't think 1 billion dollars would be enough. Maybe a few years ago, but probably not now.


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I'd buy the US presidency. I'm pretty sure the current president would sell out given that he thinks he has negotiated a good deal. I'd also buy out a few of the Republican senate and house members, provided they give up their seats to my choice of candidates.

Then, I'll fix a few things, push them through the senate and the House, and then call for new elections.

I'm pretty sure a billion can buy me all that.


Buy 16 acres, build a cozy bunker and a game development studio.


I'd buy a huge share of whichever top oil company (and/or) factory farm group, sit on their board, and force them to clean up their act.
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I wrote a REALLY long post detailing my good intentions.. but it's hard to say. I hear money changes people.


I would donate 750 million dollars to a bunch of charities and have live a modest life with the remaining money for the rest of my years :p
I'd start a business and try to clean up as many of the problems in my town as I could. Provide some jobs, and build some low cost housing if I am allowed to. With industry basicallyl totally collapsing in my town, I wonder why we don't try to do anything involving computers up here.


Spend it on a bunch of advertising to get the people I want into congressional offices


I'd make games i want to make. And there's plenty of this in my mind.


I'll go to McDonalds and I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.


Holy **** how rich is your family? X'D
Yeah right. Here in the UK most high interest accounts are around 4%, that equates to 40,000 dollars a year on an account with a balance of a million.

Granted that isn't going to fund a millionaire's lifestyle, but it would be more than adequate for me to quit my job and game dev full time, without having to concern myself too much with making money.

A million dollars equates to around 700,00 GBP. Personally I would buy a house outright at around 300K for myself so that I was rent and mortgage free.

Then I'd buy two flats outright as buy to lets. Which would equate to around 2,500-3K per month rental income. Less income tax, landlords insurance and management fees and that would still net me a very reasonable figure to live on considering I'd have little in the way of outgoings. These would also potentially act as decent investments because the UK property market is frankly nuts.

As for a billion? - well thats crazy money.
Buy a house near where I am now (south west uk). Get a big house in London and let my mates live there for no rent (just bills and maintenance etc) and keep a big room for myself vacant there.

Buy a holiday home or two. Maybe Malta.

Have hectic game dev/gaming set ups in each.

Buy a new house/pay of the mortgages of all my family.

Go traveling round the world for a year or two with my girlfriend.

Never work a normal job again, ever.

Continue game dev-ing and doing my own thing, maybe even set up a full studio.
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Well, you can definitely live on the interest on a million dollars too, though. Not in the US anymore, for the last ten years or so, but in the UK (and other places, I'm sure), it's still possible.

That said, I was mostly poking fun at your "I *think* it's possible to live on a billion dollars" statement. That just struck me as very funny for some reason. I'm just joking around, though. I know that was probably just quick phrasing on your part, haha.


I would ... stain myself

(edit: as a legit initial reaction, after getting a billion dollars. After that I would commit to a life in a wheelchair with an integrated toilet and never ever move again except for opening my mouth when being fed with grapes by 5 beautiful women)
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Lorenzito Atangan

start a small food business., invest some of it in stocks etc,buy a few properties, start a game development studio, and give to charity

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If I get 1 billion dollars, I would have to pay 600 000 000 to taxes and with the rest 400 000 000 I would do something... X )