Discussion If I wanted to get into music theory and making my own music where would I start? (Zero experience)

Hi, I have zero experience in music and am interested in learning more about it. Where would someone with zero experience look to start learning about music theory and eventually composing music years down the road?


Seconded on lightnote.co! I would also recommend just looking into the basics of playing piano. I don't really play piano, but understand its mechanics, and find that very valuable for writing music.


Learn the basics first. This includes things like (obviously) learning how to read notes, learn to sequence if you're doing digital music or learn to play piano (optional, choose an instrument that best suits you), among other things.

The mindset I always follow is to compose based on mood. Music can tell a story, and that's important to games, too. I have to get the look and feel of something before I compose for it, and it helps me greatly when I am setting a tone for my compositions.