Ideas for improvement (platformer, pixelated, dinossaur)


Hey, guys. I am not actually new to the foruns... but I´ve been away for more than a year and my account disappeared!

(screenshot of the opening of the game)

Anyway, I am near finishing the core of my game. Basically I need to make a bunch of stages and put sound effects. My game is about a dinossaur trying to survive the biblical flood (whatever) and he has to run from a gigantic wave, while not falling into water AND while using an umbrella for protection against rain, lava and meteors.
Also he saves chickens for lives.
The game uses the wasd keys and mouse (for the umbrella) and has no hud at all.

(screenshot of gameplay)

My main issue is with the mouse. The game is windowed and, as I said, you use the mouse to control the umbrella (the umbrella sprite rotates as you rotate the mouse) BUT, if your cursor goes out of the window, the umbrella becomes unresponsive. All my friends who played the game complained that there is too much going on at the same time and the unresponsiveness of the umbrella is just too much to deal with. That is why I would like you guys to play and, if you have ideas to solve problems or if you identify problems, I would love to hear what you have to say.
FYI, I can´t make the game fullscreen at this point. I´ve made all the scripts for story and images for story in the window size, including the opening and ending screen, so... I am not about to draw all that **** again.´s Disregard for Dinossaurs-Default-
So here is the link for the game. I think I´ve put three stages in this demo, but you get the feel for it.

Thanks, guys.
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A couple of things. First make your screenshots visible by right clicking the images, getting their location and using the media button so we don't have to click on it.
Secondly, compile the game as a single run exe and not as an installer
Third you can enable the fullscreen mode in the GGS and GM will automatically scale things for you so you don't have to redraw anything. That should help with the umbrella


Thank you for the GGS fullscreen ideia. I will check and see if the rescaling doesn´t affect the art too much.
Can´t do an exe without installer now. The computer with my project is not here - but I will certainly to do that this weekend and them I can edit this post.
How can I make the screenshots visible like you say?

Anyway, thanks for answering.


Hey, I put the window_set_fullscreen in the code of the first room and that was it. Graphics stretched, but looked good, no more problems with the cursor scaping the window. I think my problems are solved for now. Now the game is fullscreen and I have a pause and a exit game interfaces. And two more stages. Well, I guess I can post something else here when I reach ten stages. Thanks, Kupo. (which FF is the best?)


In case someone did try the game, I was wondering if the instruction texts are a good idea or necessary at all.

I mean, the game is not SUPER INTUITIVE, but you kind of get what you have to do after dying three times. Which happens in about 80 seconds.

Anyway, I would love to hear anyone´s opinion on that.