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Question - IDE IDE Questions/Feedback

Hello again. I've now ported my main project over from 1.4 to GMS2, so I've been using it a lot more. I have gotten much more accustomed to it, and I now have a better idea of what I want improved, so here is another post to talk about it. Some of these complaints of sorts might have a solution, so this doubles as a question post: if there's a solution, please tell me!

Image Editor:
- Editing transparent sprites (like glass, or green blobs, or many GUI elements) is still much harder than in GM1.4, even after all the cool things you can do with select and stuff. (Big fan of the new editor, BTW). This is mainly to do with the inability to draw with a set alpha. In GM1, you can choose between draw modes of "blend" and "replace". Drawing with a color set to a transparent alpha with blend mode would blend the two alphas. Replace mode would just use the absolute alpha value. I need that replace thing. Right now, (as far as I can tell) it always operated by blending the alpha and the only way to specifically set a pixel to a certain alpha that is already colored is to completely erase it and redraw it. Even with color replace.
- Are there hotkeys for the image options? (Like resize and trim, etc). Just curious.

Code Editor:
- I think it'd be cool to be able to press F1 while hovering over the tab on an event script to open the workspace with the object that owns that event, just like you can if you hover over the object name actually typed in text. Also maybe something similar for event_inherited that brought you to the code for the inherited event? That would not let you look it up in the manual though.

- Any setting for increasing the scroll rate in the resource tab? It's way too slow for me, to scroll with the mouse wheel between the top and the bottom... I'd probably double the speed, personally.

Compatibility Scripts:
- I would like the compatibility report to include places where it changed string() into string_hash_to_newline(). As far as I can tell, it did this completely randomly throughout the project (like, some changed and others changed, with no discernible reason). I only had 2 strings that needed it anyways, and it was much easier to rewrite the strings... The point is, it didn't tell me about this at all in the report, please add that to the notes. (But search and replace makes it not a huge deal).

Room Editor:
- This one is very minor, but I closed the room properties window once, and I struggled to figure out how to open another one, without reloading my layout profile. Which meant I couldn't edit rooms at all. Eventually however, I did find the place to re-open that window under the "room" tab that shows up while you're in the room editor. So it's there, but... it was hard to find. Is it possible to add an option to open it in the same place where you open every single other window in the editor? :)

Thanks for what you're doing. ")