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GMS 2.3+ IDE Bug?


I know there's a way to report bugs but I don't want to send a bug report unless I can actually confirm this is a bug and not just me messing things up (though I can't see how). I'm having issues with the organization of my IDE. Every time I log in, my groups are sent to random folders and even having duplicate folders popping up that are empty. For example, I deleted my sequences folder. Next time I opened GMS, I had two sequences folders and my character sprite group was inside one of them instead of inside my Sprites group. This definitely feels like a bug but I may have just set some kind of weird option or something. Has anyone experienced this before?


Yeah this is a known bug with Asset Browser, it's not you going mad.

Try turning off "Create default folders on project load" in the preferences which should help, and another poster in a thread on here said that once they'd reorganised the Asset Browser as they wanted, then renaming the folders containing moved files forced GMS2 to update the .yyp and prevented future issues with it going crazy and reorganising itself again, so might be worth a try.

Importing Local Asset Packages can also trigger it to go haywire, this was noted as a specific issue in the later beta release notes, so probably wasn't fixed in time for stable.

Hopefully all this is fixed in 2.3.1.