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When you're testing or publishing your game it's nice to have your own high quality icon. I found a decent program called Format Factory 4.2.0 that allows me to take an image I made with the sprite editor and convert it to an icon file.

*Edit I have used some free online converters on websites before and had issues. Icon files are supposed to have sizes from 16x16 to 256x256 in the file and it would only have a 64x64 low quality image. That's why I am glad to find a decent program that gives me a full quality icon and doesn't bug you to pay for a full version. It does play a weird jingle when you convert the file tho :/

In my case, my game is still in beta so there's not really any point to export it to a executable program but I do it anyway. I made this beta icon as a test to see if I can make letters like you would see on a coin, wrapping in a circle. It looks pretty uneven but i will put it on here for anyone to use.

(it turns out that I cannot place an icon in my thread, here's the png)

If your trying to create an icon I hope this helps, a google search for format factory will take you to the program I used.
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