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Android IAP "Unable to get a valid license"



I'm trying to implement a very simple "Remove Ads" IAP button in my game.

My issue: When my game starts, it displays the following message:
Unable to get a valid license
As well, if I click the "retry" button on this message and click my "Remove Ads" button fast enough, it will go open the purchase box and display the following error:
Error retrieving information from server. [DF-AA-20]

My Steps:

- Imported the GooglePlayServicesExtension, GooglePlayServicesIAPExtension, and GooglePlayLicensingAsExt extension into my project.

- Went to GGS / Android-Fire / Extras and Enabled Google Licensing and copied the Public Key from Google Play

- Went to GGS / Android-Fire / Social and clicked "Enable Google IAPs" as well as copied the Game Package name to the "App ID" field below

- Went to GGS / In App Purchases and copied the Google Play Public Key in the field on that tab as well (I don't know why there's two places to put this but whatever)

- Used this guide for the proper IAP-handling code, ensuring I used the same Product ID that I have on my Google Play Dashboard for removing ads

- Uploaded the APK on the Google Play Dashboard under a "Closed Track" release with my Google Account gmail added as a tester, though Google Play tells me I still need to roll it out, yet there is no option to do that.

No idea what's going on.
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