GMS 2 IAP not working: RunnerBilling


IAP is causing some confusion on my end.

While everything is set like mentioned in several yoyogames & google tutorials,
I still get a message saying:

02-20 09:40:39.978 26226 26226 I yoyo    : BILLING: setupInAppBilling
02-20 09:40:39.979 26226 26226 I yoyo    : Failed to initialize Google Play Services IAP functionality - could not initialise RunnerBilling:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
02-20 09:40:39.979 26226 26226 I yoyo    : If you are intending to use Google Play Services IAP's please ensure you have the GooglePlayServicesIAPExtension added to your project
02-20 09:40:39.979 26226 26226 I yoyo    : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
02-20 09:40:39.979 26226 26226 I yoyo    :
02-20 09:40:39.981 26226 26226 I yoyo    : BILLING: Google Play permissions not available, selecting NULL billing solution
I did create my account with google and placed my Api-Key inside the Android-Settings.
Google Play Service Extension is: Version 3.0.5

Did add to the extensions permissions.
I did even create my first IAP-ID on google AND the did try with android.test.purchased

My GMS2 version is: IDE v2.2.1.375 Runtime v2.1.5.246

Any help is greatly welcome!


I should add that I am having another issue with a separated test project with IAP.
APK was submited to google in order to get IAP started/connected!

Receiving this error:

BILLING: Request deferred, store isn't available right now.

Just saw people had same issues here:
and here
and here



It is a real pain to read all the half ready, old, or main parts missing tutorials :(
So I requested Yoyo to create an in depth tutorial on this. Hopefully they will create something
to get me and others through the google api and IAP jungle.

I am sure it's not rocket science, but someone has to lead here, so we can all profit and learn from!


BILLING: Request deferred, store isn't available right now.
this means the add on hasnt been created on the store.

When you create an IAP product ID in the app you must create add on on the store listing for that app, with exact same product id.

Is your app live on the store, if not you cant test iap,

double check you licence key copy it exactly.

in the game settings enter your game bundle in the relevatn boxes in Android settings


Hello RizbIT, it is a bit confusing on Googles end for me.

I got a Client-ID e.g.
and an App-ID 56789

But there is also a longer string I received (I believe) via the merchant account. Something like MIIBkjhhk.....(very long one).

Not sure where excatly to place which ID. In case you can take a Minute, I would be very glad to learn to understand.

All checkmarks on Google are green. This includes release, connected app, game info and App presence with created In-App-Products (activated)


After starting over again with a clean Project, I noticed that I would have to add "Google Play Services IAP" from the market as well.
I was thinking it is included in the Play Services Extension,which is not the case.

Now I am able to test against - "android.test.purchased". Still receiving an "Payment-Error" (popping up) on a regular created item like "50 Energy".

Guess this is because the app is still in test mode and nod released on the Google Play Store??